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After FEMA Hearing, Sen. Paul and Sen. Begich Discuss FEMA Shirt Button, and Pinhole Cams...

Is it time to distrust your Federally employed next door neighbor now too? I think we should at least ask them about this the next time we gather in the culdesac for a friendly neighborhood chat!.

The following interview (pt. 2) itself is very interesting but just after the hearing ends, at the 12:25 mark, Senator Paul's mic is mistakenly left open (wink), as he discusses with Committee Chairman D-Senator Begich, his concerns regarding FEMA shirt button cameras, pinhole cameras and the growing Security State within ALL Federal Government agencies. Sen. Begich agrees that it is becoming an issue.

This is very eye-opening and extremely alarming information...yet our government worker drones (no pun intended), continue to do their evil bidding on their bosses and fellow citizens...We The People, with an innocent excuse and friendly smile! These empty, unprincipled followers are the worst kind of people...they take a paycheck from us while they gnaw on the hand that feeds them! I think we all need to start questioning them about this ourselves, whenever we meet a Federal employee. We need to make them feel uncomfortable and unaccepted about these subjects.

The video is here:


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