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The Deadliest Political Weapon Ever Used

War is a political weapon, it is deadly and there is always an ideology behind it.

What political ideology has caused the most death and destruction of all?

Monarchy? (England)

Anarchy? (Not sure)

True free market capitalism? (America pre-1913)

International communism? (Russia and China)

National socialism? (Germany)

Government itself? (The United Nations)

Christianity? (The West)

Zionism? (Israel)

Islam? (Middle East)


Like many of us here, I've always wondered why western bankers funded the communists. Why would capitalists invest in Marxism? It never made any sense, very confusing and contradicting.

Hitler, Mao, Lenin? Why on earth would certain elements within the USG and bankers on Wall Street actually fund and support communists and national socialists?

The Nazi Party was very popular in America before the war. This is footage of a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Did the USG and Wall Street foment national socialism in Europe, Cuba, South America, and international communism in the East on purpose?

History says yes. Now they're doing it here in America.

Why though? Because unleashing the destruction of socialist communism is like dropping an economic atomic bomb on your enemy.

Want to make your enemies weak? Give them heavy ideological doses of international communism, national socialism, and fund a dictator like Pinochet, Mao, Lenin and Hitler too.

Worldly bankers and their political puppets have been trying to implement this ultimate weapon of destruction in America since at least 1913.

FDR really got the socialist balls rolling after Woodrow Wilson dropped them in the League of Nations.

Fast forward 100 years...

"You didn't build that."

Yes we did Mr. President.

Americans built the freest and most prosperous country on God's green earth in the name of free market capitalism, with very limited government involvement, or taxes!

But now you and your Wall Street thugs go brandishing about the world, tarnishing our good name and capitalism itself by acting like a bunch of warmongering, heartless, eavesdropping, Marxist, Darwin loving, communist Nazi thugs...death panels and all.

Thanks for bringing so much attention to the deadliest political weapon ever used, Barry. Job well done, sir.

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