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Paul Craig Roberts on Snowden - Holy Crap

Holy Crap. I have never read anything by him that is more incredible.

A New Beginning Without Washington’s Sanctimonious Mask

by Paul Craig Roberts

It is hard to understand the fuss that Washington and its media whores are making over Edward Snowden. We have known for a long time that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying for years without warrants on the communications of Americans and people throughout the world. Photographs of the massive NSA building in Utah built for the purpose of storing the intercepted communications of the world have been published many times.

It is not clear to an ordinary person what Snowden has revealed that William Binney and other whistleblowers have not already revealed. Perhaps the difference is that Snowden has provided documents that prove it, thereby negating Washington’s ability to deny the facts with its usual lies.

Whatever the reason for Washington’s blather, it certainly is not doing the US government any good. Far more interesting than Snowden’s revelations is the decision by governments of other countries to protect a truth-teller from the Stasi in Washington.


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I especially liked....

this paragraph,

China’s official Xinhua news agency reported that Snowden’s revelations had placed “Washington in a really awkward situation. They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyber attacks,(Blaming & Judging other entities: my addition) has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age.”

Because it reminded me of the scripture.

Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2: "For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. 3: "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

Speaking of fools.

"God save us from the utter fools who comprise our government."

I see that offer and respond in kind.


If it is designed as a tool used by criminals to perpetrate crimes upon victims, then only fools will call it government, when it is organize crime in demonstrable fact.


Spot on.

"If it is designed as a tool used by criminals to perpetrate crimes upon victims, then only fools will call it government, when it is organize[d] crime in demonstrable fact."

To quote appropriately another illustrious personage at the DP...


What would the Founders do?

Need no excuse

I need no excuse to keep writing. Opportunities, on the other hand, are offered in some cases.

Thanks for the reply.

This LIE is so pervasive as to be nearly ubiquitous, infecting almost everyone without exception, including those who intend to do the right thing, yet because of this lie there is no way that the right thing can be done if the individual is infected by it.

This is like someone buying a hammer from China, receiving the hammer, and the first use of the hammer on the back swing: the head flies off and lands only to break into pieces, and the handle causes splinters which grow into infections.

So, the lie works in a way that inspires the buyer of the hammer to buy another hammer from China. The first use failed, but the next investment will work this time for sure.

The nail never goes in the coffin to nail in the Mad Dog that has consumed almost all of the neighborhood, and so the remaining victims of the Mad Dog wait for another hammer to arrive from China, paid for with the last bits of colored paper demanded by the Chinese sellers as they demand those colored papers for their "hammers" and everyone still calls those colored papers "money," because people still call those who issue those colored papers "our" government even while more and more people realize that those colored papers constitute incuplatory evidence proving a crime in progress.

All that has to be done to find the criminals effectively, accurately, is to follow the fraudulent money back to the source of it, and then nail those criminals out of our government.

But wait?

"Our" government won't nail out the criminals who force "Our" government to use their money exclusively? Why not?

So the simple truth then is that anyone claiming that it is "our" government constitutes their membership in the criminal organization?

We are so happy with "our" government we are going to invest into it more, and more, and more, expecting a different result from "our" government this time.

That is too much to bear, so the lie works to infect the liar himself, as the liar is then convinced that his own lie is true.

Once that is done, there is no turning back, the Trojan Horse is in the hard drive, and nothing but a reboot will allow the WILL of the person to return to current POWER.

Too much analogy?

Not enough?


So true...

and, no, there can NEVER be too much analogy to clarify this opaque and dangerous scam!


What would the Founders do?

Absent Creative Analogy?

The concept of older base instinctual thought and newer calculating willful thought manifests as specific occurrences in living beings in times and in places.

How are those thoughts driving actions in such a way as to be accurately measured and compared?

Example 1:

Knee Jerk Reaction, Crimes of passion, Mob Rule, reactionary, in the moment, no time to stop and think, reactive, intuition, spur of the moment, creative, and other than thoughtful, willful, deliberate, calculating, aforethought.

The non-criminal, Liberty, free market, generous, golden rule, giving, competitive, monopoly of Liberty, social and individual beneficial network involves this span of old base brain function, or soul function, from the most base to the most complex, the least willful, to the most willful, contained within peaceful interaction.

Conservative and Liberal have a different meaning in Liberty, a genuine meaning, an accurate meaning, a meaning that is accurate to the words Conservative and Liberty within a Liberated, Peaceful, High Quality, Low Cost, Competitive, Social Network COMPARED to counterfeit version of the terms Conservative and Liberal when used by deceitful, threatening, and violent people in the opposite social Network where Conservatives are deceiving, threatening, and violently attacking Liberals, and Liberals are deceiving, threatening, and violently attacking Conservatives.

When learning a new trade, or perhaps a new language, and another example is learning music, or arts in general, there are willful employments of deliberate thought and a pattern created in the brain, a well worn set of paths used consistently, turning willful thought into rote memory for mind and body.

The goal of reaching a free, creative, power or ability, is built upon the access, utilization, employment, of that willful part of our complex life form.

Step by step the learning curve is driven upward to a point where that need for willful effort is then turned off in favor of that open minded capacity to connect with a creative power.

What happens when the mind is open and external powers of will infect the open mind with a command that makes the individual believe that there is no power of will, and therefore that power of will must never again be turned on?


excellent article

by a great writer and a friend of liberty. besides his own website you can find hundreds of anti-state articles at Lew Rockwell LRC and currently an article on the Ukraine at the Ron Paul Institute website. Not to mention another tell it like he sees it piece (there's a whole thread here) that has the more fanatical rand people's panties all in a bunch.

Cyril's picture

How could I miss this one?!

How could I miss this one?!

A true gem.

I wonder if Washington felt it "down there"?

(rhetorical question)


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Ron Paul was spied on

like every other member of Congress and his often lone dissenting vote proves to us that the NSA had nothing on the good doctor.

If Ron Ernest Paul can't be the president he should be elevated to Sainthood! God Bless Ronald Ernest Paul!

Paul Craig Roberts is a great writer

He puts it perfectly of what is happening. I tell everyone I know about him and his website. This article is one of his best about explaining the hilarious events happening with the US government and other countries.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.





it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Too bad he repeatedly

Too bad he repeatedly misspelled "Der Spiegel".

By preaching to the choir

By preaching to the choir, he provides the choir with points to use when discussing this with people that don't know what's going on.

Suggesting that Congressman and Senators are AFRAID of what they might have on them is an incredible point. I don't mind people preaching when they provide the choir with necessary tools to use in their own arguments.

Why do you think choirs

Why do you think choirs exist? They're full of singers who aren't good enough to be soloists.

The article is spot on.

Damn good read.

A "monitored human being is not a free one."

"For those moronic amerikans who say, “I’m not doing anything wrong, I don’t care if they spy,” Der Spiegal writes that a “monitored human being is not a free one.”

Excellent article, thanks for posting.



I love the point of the article that

talks about how it is being used for blackmailing those in power.

Same goes for the IRS.

They are all puppets to whoever has the goods on them.

Makes it easy to see who the good guys are. This is like putting the white hats on the cowboys.

I will be sending this one on.

PCR has a good heart

His economic ignorance makes him a poor messenger, except to the other economically befuddled like the occupy crowd.

But befuddlement aside, Snowden is the bellweather.

We have cause to be saddened by stupidity on the left and right, but on both sides there are two distinct camps.

The 'good' camp is those on the left or right who believe state power is only valid if it's used for good. So people like PCR or Robert Scheer on the left or Pat Buchannan on the right while sadly promoting the tool to be used for what they think to be good purposes and which the bad guys always use against them do really believe in those good purposes.

The Snowden haters are the 'bad' camp are those who just love state power for it's own sake. They love power for it's own sake. Snowden challenges power.

People like Obama or Cheney may have (supposed) different preferences about how to use that power, but the one thing that will bring about bipartisan solidarity in DC is challenge to the power itself.

Although it's not bipartisanship, it's really the curtain being pulled back on the fact it's a monoparty.

PCR is the man...along with

PCR is the man...along with Gerald Celente.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Expand Beyond The Choir...

If the concern is the article is only preaching to the choir... Then I suggest you share it

http://youtu.be/hrnND0iTfjo (Knowledge is Freedom)
http://donttreadonliberty.org (Knowledge is Freedom)

The question I have about all of this is....

who is in control of the NSA?

Answer: NOBODY! The NSA commands everyone else, OR ELSE!!!

Answer: NOBODY! The NSA commands everyone else, OR ELSE!!!

Don't you get it? They have the dirt, they have the power. They will destroy anyone who screws with their budget, their bonuses, their vacations, their policies, their political allies, their friends, their mothers, their kids at schools, their dogs crapping on the sidewalks, some guy who cut them off changing lanes on the highway, the crabby Indian lady handing em their Dunkins in the morning.

Oh no. "You mustn't Fuck with the NSA. We can make your life a living hell." --DMV woman to Corey Haim in "Lincense to Drive"

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

We The People are disgusted with our government

... calling all whistleblowers insiders and investigators :

The US Government MUST BE STOPPED before they kill us all

Two former political insiders

with the same conclusion. See Doug Wead's column, "Edward Snowden's Martyrdom".


Great Post!

Let’s quit calling the NSA the National Security Agency. Clearly, NSA is a threat to the security of every person in the entire world. Let’s call the NSA what it really is–the National Stasi Agency, the largest collection of Gestapo in human history.


Ma/Pa privacy and Ma/Pa business is small potatoes...
►this 'system' was built to enable BLACKMAIL on STEROIDS..
as PCRoberts is pointing out so well.
►this 'system' was built to enable FASCISM on STEROIDS..
WE KNOW.. that 1000's of companies SURRENDER data in exchange
and swapping for 'intelligence' from the NSA/Booz Allen.
Intelligence on WHAT???
Competition... to take down and compile HOLDINGS...
Conglomerate and consume competition.
Biggest fish eating Big Fish.
Government/Corporate growth via 'intel'.
Exponential Industrial Espionage.

Great article, but...

no mention of Israel? The American people really ought to know who the "invisible hand" is that controls all this spying. The NSA is a front for Israeli companies Verint and Narus. To understand the extent of Israeli involvement, google "Israel NSA Verint Narus".