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The Secret Heart of the Secret State. The Deeper Implications of the Snowden Revelations

By Chris Floyd
Global Research, June 23, 2013

No one, anywhere, has been writing about the deeper and wider implications of the Snowden revelations than Arthur Silber. (I hope you’re not surprised by this.) In a series of powerful, insightful essays, Silber has, among other things, laid bare the dangers of the oddly circumscribed ‘gatekeeper’ approach of the journalistic guardians (at, ironically, the Guardian) of Snowden’s secrets, particularly their slow drip-feed of carefully self-censored tidbits from the famous Powerpoint presentation that Snowden secreted from the bowels of the United Stasi of the American intelligent apparat.

Eschewing the Wikileaks approach, the guardians at the Guardian have not let us judge the material for ourselves, opting instead to adopt, unwittingly, the same approach of the apparat: “we are the keepers of knowledge, we will decide what you need to know.”

As Silber notes, this doesn’t vitiate the worth of the revelations, but it does dilute their impact, leaving gaps that the apparat — and its truly repulsive apologists all through the ‘liberal media’ — can exploit to keep muddying the waters. He explores these ramifications, and others, in “In Praise of Mess, Chaos and Panic” and “Fed Up With All the Bullshit.”

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I highly reccomend Arthur Silber..

Thank you for posting this. Here is a link to Arthur Silber blog:

"Intelligence," Corporatism, and the Dance of Death "

I used to post a lot of his blog ..as well as Chris Floyd.I think you would enjoy a very enlightening and (darkly entertaining) read thru the archives of both!


"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

I notice you've been noticed. It's been a long time, my dear.

OK, we can start the revolution now!

Free includes debt-free!