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Police Officer Tobler Blows His Top Because Citizen Knows His Rights

Credit Steve Bell. Know your rights when talking to a police officer: There's no law that requires you to talk to a police officer.

Sidney Nebraska Police officer Tobler badge #612 flips out on a citizen.

Joseph Aikens
Interim Chief of Police

1715 Illinois Street
PO Box 275
Sidney, NE 69162

Ph: (308) 254-5515
Fx: (308) 254-2299

For Law Enforcement Services
Inside the City Limits, Call:
(308) 254-5515

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NJ State Police

Starting Salary
The current starting salary for a trooper is $62,403.60 (including uniform allowance). The second-year total compensation significantly increases to $69,489.30. Top pay for a Trooper I is $108,847.13. Troopers receive yearly increments. All recruits receive $777.78 every two weeks, plus overtime pay. Room and board are also provided while training.
Work Schedule
Troopers typically work a 40-hour week on a variety of schedules. Overtime is voluntary, except in unusual circumstances, and is rewarded with premium pay or compensation time.
Holidays, Vacation and Sick Leave •There are 12 paid holidays a year.
•Troopers are allotted one vacation day per month in the first year of service, as well as three persona days per fiscal year. The initial vacation allotment of 12 days increases after a trooper has been on the job for five years and increases at regular intervals after that.
•Sick leave is allotted.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!



Officer Butterbean!


Imagine for a moment

that Peace Officers had not morphed into LAW ENFORCEMENT over the last few decades.

Does anyone think this altercation would happened?

People who Enforce Arbitrary Laws ought to be observed and recorded as often as possible.

Wait a minute!What does the

Wait a minute!

What does the cop have to hide??


Oh and did this remind anyone of "The Office" where the cops always know Dwight's name? The cop said, "Steven". lol

Seems to me

like the guy was baiting him a little. Did the guy handle the situation properly? No. Still looks like the dude with the camera was just doing it to bait him.

If it's meant to be it's up to WE!

I just gave a call and asked

I just gave a call and asked if they had done any internal disciplinary action. They said yes and I just said thank you and hung up. Just adding a little pressure for ya. I think he did def step over the line but compared to the other videos I have seen, he would be considered a good cop lmao. If we put pressure on them early they wont get to the level of policing like New York


The driver handled himself very well.

The cop was right

The citizen was right. He was obstructing his concentration. I don't think it is a crime, but I think the officer would be fine in arresting him just to remove the distraction of his focus even if it doesn't particularity obstruct justice and should not be upheld in court. It is more like causing suspicion by "stalking an officer" more than obstructing justice.

Think critically for a moment leslymill.

Let us say that, yes, initially the cop was in the right to investigate.

Once you realize your dealing with a concerned citizen AND a well informed one, you need to learn to back off for legal and court reasons. He clearly started trying to measure cocks and intimidation tactics.

The possibility of threat as you percieve he has, and that would CONTINUE to justify the cops actions is when the vehicle has signs that the passengers are gangbangers such as telltale clothing, not informed of their legal behavior, not trying to have a conversation with you even when you are clearly not trying to have one with them as this cop was doing, the passengers are looking to start trouble in a violent manner, not bothering to explaining to you that YOU are in the wrong in a clear and understandable manner.

Cops need to stop acting like informed citizens are the problem. Concerned and informed citizens are the check and balance for poor cop behavior on the street.

the citizen driver in video...

....sort of reminded me of that pastor in Arizona or California who posted that YT vid we watched here on the DP last year. It was the video with the govt Vipr checkpoint (someone here may remember that video). The guy in that video had the same type of style in his comeback to this current video.

The pastor in the previous video reminded me in (voice) and looks to the actor Matthew Fox from the tv show LOST.

Something about this guy in this current video with officer Tobler reminded me of the same guy.

God cop, bad cop

This is where bad cops have ruined it for good cops. These two cops were obviously decent enough. Tobler overstepped his bounds, and should be informed that he was doing so, but we should distinguish between cops who do wrong and cops that intend to do wrong to you. At the end of the day, we want there to be good cops out there.

They don't exist

If they have ever arrested anyone for drug possession then they aren't good. Nowhere in the constitution was the power given to government workers to tell the people they don't have the right to do with their bodies as they see fit. Until every cops takes his or her oath to the constitution seriously, we will never have good cops. Simple really.

Can I adopt them?

I love Nebraska police. I wish I could adopt them and bring them to NY.

I'll pretend I didn't read that

I'll pretend I didn't read that.

I think we need to

foster an environment where good cops are respected and bad cops are weeded out of the force entirely. My thought is to narrow the role of police to just violent crimes and property crimes. Busting people for seat belts and giving tickets for various things just turns them into government goons and promotes predator mentality with the public being the prey.

If police would just stick to

If police would just stick to their one and only job needed by a free society(to apprehend an individual that has infringed upon another individuals life liberty or property) then there probably would be very little problems with police.

As it stands right now police spend most of their time going out and harming individuals that have harmed no one, on my dime.

It's partly

because they advocate for their own funding. If they can expand their role, they can advocate for more money and resources. When their role expands, so does their advocacy. It's hard to oppose this cycle without being viewed as soft on crime. Further, it's just as unlikely that police will advocate for less resources from within and shift focus back to their harder and more dangerous tasks. They'd rather keep on writing tickets for turn signals and conduct public relation campaigns to raise awareness about drunk driving.

LOL! Adopt-a-Cop(TM)


What would the Founders do?

If an officer doesn't have

If an officer doesn't have the mental capacity and high enough IQ to focus on their duties, even under some pressure knowing citizens are permitted to video their activities, then they should be laid off and smarter cops hired.

meekandmild's picture

keep us posted

Consider a federal title 42 USC §1983 lawsuit.

Yay! A Bivens claim!

Yay! A Bivens claim!

Lowest Common Denominator Theory

The largest part of police training, as I understand it, is psychological stuff...being able to calmly deal or diffuse stressful successfully mediate. Clearly, the training was lost on this person.
Like so many school teachers today, the police officers of America aren't what they used to be; the pay sucks, the benefits suck, good, qualified folks are not persuing those professions...and so, in order to fill the gap the standards are lowered. We now have morons teaching the kids and morons with badges and guns walking the streets. This donut pig is proof-positive of the Lowest Common Denominator Theory.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


You really believe their main training is learning how to calmly diffuse a situation? Wake up?

Bcfast, Your first paragraph

Your first paragraph is correct. Your second is wholly inaccurate. The pay does not suck; the benefits do not suck; you should google the lawsuit of someone who was turned away from the Police Dept because he scored too high on the exam! TPTB recruit the lowest common denominator because they do not want independent thinkers. They want drones who will just follow orders.


In my town in CT:

Teachers average 85k per year - not sure about starting pay. Not bad for part-time work and never having to work a holiday or weekend.

Cops(State Police) do not make great money per se - but it is the game and how it is played that makes them tons of money. Overtime is very abundant - so they just take overtime shifts - which many times involve doing absolutely nothing but managing to stay awake. They also have the greatest pension plan ever in the history of pension plans. The pension is based upon the top 3 years of earnings - including overtime. So they all work together to load up three years -then they get a pension on a crazy high salary.

Actual example: Officer works Mohegan Sun(big casino). Mohegan offers unlimited overtime. Officer goes crazy on overtime for 3 straight years and will now retire with a pension based upon those 3 years which was somewhere around 130,000.00.

I think is some places maybe teachers and cops don't make much - but not the case here in CT.

agreed though they dont get paid near what teachers do

Teachers pay on average is higher than most engineers, that's a myth started by the msm. Of course LEO pay can vary greatly by location.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Not sure where you got that info.

Starting teacher salary in my area of PA is roughly 35k and the last I checked our average was in the 48k range which is roughly on par with our police.

Be careful that what you're referencing isn't including administrators as they routinely make 100k plus. Another distinction to make that many over look is public vs. private.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

missouri and TN

Cops average about 30-35
Teachers average about 50-55

That is mostly dependent on rural vs city.

Wisconsin where the teachers union strike happened teachers averaged about $89,000 a year. That's more than both of my relatives who work for Boeing.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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