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RP Republican running for State Senate - establishment party players want to back D opponent.

Travis Couture

Candidate for Washington State Senate 2014 (35th District)


I am running for the Washington State Senate in the 35th Legislative District. Recently we have seen unprecedented attacks on our civil liberties, gargantuan amounts of taxation, regulation and bureaucracy, a struggling education system and a State government that does not function with common sense. We ask government to adhere to some basic principles: Balance the budget, follow the Constitution, protect our God given rights, and strive to be a more free and open society. We ask politicians to adhere to one simple thing, their oath of office.

Today, Olympia operates in the most mind numbing ways. The corrupt career politicians that reside there year after year only seem to care about their own self interests and not the interests of the people. We can no longer elect the same people that put us into these messes and expect them to save us from the problems they helped to create. We need a fresh start.
On a platform of liberty, smaller government, lower taxes, and better education, I have decided to run for this seat. Washington State is traveling down a slippery slope to economic disaster. Together WE can change that, WE can begin to end the corruption and bring honest government back to the Olympia. Stand with me and Lets Restore Washington Now!
- Travis Couture

ABOUT Travis:

• U.S. Navy Veteran; Served on Submarines USS ALABAMA and NEBRASKA

• Married to Rachel Couture

• Home owner in Belfair, WA Mason County

• Work experience; Knight Oil, SAFE Boats Int., Various campaigns

• Candidate for Mason County Commissioner in 2012

Issues at a glance:

• Constitutionally limited small government

• Reduction in taxes, spending, regulation, and bureaucracy

• End GMA and SMA, and other harmful environmental regulations. (Agenda 21)

• Nullification of unconstitutional Federal law

• Eliminate welfare state and corporate welfare

• Protection and empowerment of 2nd amendment rights.

• Free markets and balanced budgets

• Education reform, pro school choice, elimination of unfunded mandates

• Tax increases or new taxes.

• Any new government programs, agencies, or other forms of central planning

• Socialized healthcare or expansion of government healthcare programs

• Violations of our State or U.S. Constitution

- The establishment is already scheming against me, I could use your assistance.The establishment R's are ready to support my Democrat opponent to make sure not another Ron Paul Republican makes it to the state legislature here. Our Liberty Caucus is growing and they fear this. The chair of the party insisted that the liberty community had no real political power and there was no point in the party backing a candidate like me, or like you for that matter. Please dont let him win! visit my website to learn more or follow me on FB or Twitter. We win when we show up! Thanks DP Community!

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This is a win / win situation

This is a win / win situation for liberty. Either you a) win or b)expose the RINOs as the big government lovers that they are.

I will be following your campaign from Michigan.

Good luck!

Let us know if you have a

Let us know if you have a website up.

You do, you should put it in the OP.

Southern Agrarian

Travis Couture for Washington Senate!

Please keep us informed.