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Why the Western Banking Cartel’s Gold and Silver Price Slam Will Backfire – And How You Can Protect Yourself from the Inevitable

Currently it seems as if the disinformation about the reasons why gold and silver paper prices have fallen so quickly seem to outnumber the real reasons at least 10 to 1 in the mass media and though there have been some solid commentaries already regarding the real reasons why gold and silver paper prices have fallen (that have zero to do with the rubbish the mass media is selling the public), I feel that one can never have enough articles that try to disseminate the truth, especially when the truth is being bullied into submission by those with captive platforms from which to sell their fake agendas. Thus, in this article, I will discuss the truth about the current banker executed gold/silver raid and why it will ultimately FAIL.

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Gold Flow

For quite a number of years now, gold has been flowing east into Russia and Asian countries like India and China. The Indian government has taken steps to choke off the flow of gold into the country. Chinese banks appear to be in some type of liquidity and credit crisis right now, which is causing Asians who hold the metals to sell them since the metals are the most liquid asset after the Yuan for them.

The USD is strong since there has been a mad dash to cash. All of this actually bodes very well. It is a combination of factors that will lead to a reversal of the flow of gold. The USA should now begin seeing inflows of gold rather than outflows. This low USD price means that US citizens who use dollars as their primary currency are also in a position to benefit and accumulate the metals.

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Yup. Dealers may say that they are unwilling to sell at this $.

"Even with anecdotal reports of bullion dealers being depleted of their physical silver and gold inventory that can be confirmed by visiting these dealers’ online websites that list nearly all bullion silver and bullion gold as “SOLD OUT”, some bullion dealers may perhaps be listing inventory as “SOLD OUT” when they may just be unwilling to sell at such artificially set low prices."


nice article. thanks for the

nice article. thanks for the post.