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Does Edward Snowden even exist?

Does Edward Snowden even exist?

I've seen reports here that it's possible he is controlled opposition to prevent another whistleblower's evidence from coming to light.

He's been in many countries, and is giving the US government "a run for their money" (it's not their money, it's ours).

Political commentators have said that the Obama administration is losing credibility for every day that he's on the run.

Is it possible that he's not on the run? That he is a fictional character, made up in the same manner that the CIA makes up their agents to have fictional lives in other countries?

And if so, who is doing this, and why? Potentially the global elites to keep our eye on some other ball while they swish the one they're holding, as some here have suggested? Or some group with positive ends?

By managing the Edward Snowden experience in this manner, there is no actual human who is at risk, gallivanting around the globe. Instead, there are only reports that he was somewhere. No pictures.

How much would an "Edward Snowden mask" cost?

Perhaps we could all show up in pictures looking like him. Which would make sense, because the government considers the people the enemy.

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Adam Lanza

Doesn't exist.

Ok. That's a good point.

I could definitely believe that.

But there was never a video interview of Lanza so 'exist' should be used more carefully. Last response for me here until further evidence. Regards.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos


or not, it still wasn't covered the right way.

I get your points BUT...

The title of your post taken literally is confusing and so I'm going to respond only once until there is further evidence.

Maybe you meant to ask: Is the person in the video interview with Glen Greenwald & Laura Poitras an intelligence operative acting as Edward Snowden?

I would be careful to use the term 'exist' without evidence because there is potential for so much digital fabrications with video technology these days. Although life-like digital video productions may be technologically possible, I'm extremely doubtful it was or would be used in this particular case because there would be little reason to use it.

Some better, less confusing titles that are similar to ones that have been floating around:

Is Edward Snowden who he purports to be?

Do we really know who Snowden is?

Is there a bigger agenda behind these NSA revelations?

Anyways I'm all for being skeptical about everything and nothing should be off the table, but there is merit in keeping titles clear and have as much supporting evidence to support the title of a post. Regards.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

I don't know but Glen

I don't know but Glen Greenwald sure does...and I'm so impressed with him I could spit.

Real or not

Snowden is most likely a CIA asset, a smoke and mirrors man.
Too much doesn't sit right with his story.


the US is purposely embarrassing itself around the world to create a "smoke screen" for invading Syria. Why doesn't the US government just fake another bomb exploding or fake another school shooting with a bunch of fake children and blame Syria?
why? Because your conspiracy crap is all bullshit.

No rockstar, the US isn't purposely

embarrassing itself, it is being MADE to be embarrassed! This is the shite that happens when a "selected to be elected" president wont sign off war with Syria. Russia's only real base in the ME is it's Naval base in Syria. Snowden is being used as a political pawn, willingly or not.
What have you heard lately on MSM about the death of Micheal Hastings?
He had far, far more to revel about CIA spying than Snowden's "no REAL content" whistle blow. It's all too pat.

You Know What Micheal Hastings

was going to report?? How are you still a live? You must drive something from the 1980's without a computer that the government can't hack into and make accelerate into a tree.
According to conspiracy people the government crashed a plane into WTC towers and blamed terrorists to gain support for invading Iraq. It obviously worked.. why wouldn't the US stage another attack? why would the piss of the rest of the world, and put themselves in a position to appear so evil and weak as a smoke screen? why would they hurt themselves when they could do something that would empower them?
Conspiracy theorists like to ask questions but they fail to ask questions about a their own theories.

That's an easy one for us old timers.

And what I mean by "old timers" are those of us who have been reading and studying the real world since BEFORE the internet.

You see, it was long announced that there would be THREE world wars, that the last one would be fought when the time was right to scare the crap out of everyone so bad, and be such a threat to the very existence of the human race that everyone would clamor, beg, and plead for a single world government. (which the elites who stages the whole mess would run and profit from of course)

The plan has never changed.

The U.S. has to be destroyed for the plan to work.

U.S. sovereignty has to be challenged, and if possible rendered moot even before the war is in full bore.

This war doesn't need to be nuclear though there might be a few limited exchanges.

What is critical is the outcome - the decimation of U.S. hegemony, the subordinating of ALL national armies to a single "world army." and a merger of economic systems world wide.

We are already living the economic merger - and it isn't one of laissez faire.

The U.S. is betting positioned to be the totalitarian regime everyone will love to hate.

It is going to be shown to be run by fools and thugs.

And then, it is going to launch more wars - "pre-emptive" ones that is.

There will be no question about who the aggressor is next time, or the next.

The rest of the world will clamor for "regime change" in America.

They will get it.

You can't stop this.

You can only adapt to and survive the events and their aftermath.

All of this was planned long ago, (though not all the details - those are decided as they evolve and arise) and there has never been any indication by the elites that they have changed their mind. None.

They will significantly depopulate the planet, and they will completely take over. Though it won't look like they caused all of it of course. They will step forth as our "saviors."

Know them by their fruits.

If you don't understand any or all of this, it is because you are still asleep.

You are as much stuck in the false paradigm of "America good" and "others bad" as some are in the false dichotomy of Republican vs. Democrat.

There is a whole other level of reality out there, and until you wake up to it, you'll never understand most events.

Once you do see the truth, everything makes much more sense. (that doesn't make it any easier to accept - just not as confusing)

Sorry rockstar,

I thought you were more awake than you are.
I am sorry to have to inform you that the United States of America is not the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth. While you were being amused to death, your government was infiltrated and taken over by people who had a Global Agenda, long before the catch phrase of "Globalization" became common.
Your president (doesn't matter which one)belongs to, and is controlled by powerful, unelected, unseen men sitting behind shiny black doors,looking at the best views of Geneva that money can buy.
They control the USA, lock, stock, and barrel.
The timing of the Snowden whistle is very interesting, it's content weak.
I think Micheal Hastings had much more to tell....that's why he didn't escape.

You Are Not "Awake"

just because you make up a counter story to the MSM story. I dont trust the MSM anymore then you but the difference is I don't make up stories and then call myself awake and look down on those who don't believe my made up stories.
you have no clue what Hastings was going to report on yet you claim he was going to report something about the NSA larger than Snowden's leak..
You just claim that Snowden is a CIA agent without any proof..
and you claim the US president is blackmailed or is being extorted by a shadow group without any evidence...
You just make shit up

I appreciate your mature response.

There is ample evidence that Hastings was writing an expose on the CIA, he told people!
Micheal Hastings was most very likely murdered...he was not allowed to live.
Edward Snowden is alive and well and evading the most sophisticated covert assassination squad on the planet. The CIA. Really??
These "stories" are not "made up" as you claim, but happen in real life politics all the time.
looking forward to an intelligent reply.

Jill, I had a very long conversation with a lady friend last nit

e about Snowden. She is happy that he exposed so much that the media HAD to pick up on it.

One thing her and I disagreed on was if he told his family about his plans.

She thought he would have if he loved them.

I disagree, if Snowden has planned this for a long time he's been very careful and I don't think he would give any information to his family.

I grew up watching Gunsmoke and the Old Westerns. Yes, I may have been deceived, but it was a Constitutional Society back then.

Edward Snowden has done anything to destroy those ideas. In fact, if he's reading a script, I think it's a good one.

What DID he expose base1?

That your Government spies on you?
Snowden is an asset.He blows the "whistle" to protect Americans, and then runs off and causes a diplomatic spate with Russia, old enemy of the US, and friend to Syria.
If you "Loved" America, would you seek protection of you and your secrets to Russia?
Now Michael Hastings was a man with "secrets",,,,he's dead.
I'd love to read your reply.

Is This Real Life?


If what you are saying is true, then 'they' screwed up really bad because now everybody's mind and ears are open for more. Future whistle-blowers should gain credibility from this whole circus, rather than be obfuscated. There have been important revelations for many years now, but this is the first time that it has really reached a whole new group of people. I can actually have a reasonable discussion with certain family members that was impossible before Snowden.

Good news

I guarantee that your family is no exception. If the people you know are more receptive, there are plenty more that are open as well.

Am I really stoned out of my gourd?

I got really, really high, or at least I though I did until the question occured to me:

"Is my brain really even here?"

Considering that 99.9% of everything is, at a quantum level, empty space, and 99.9% of that is empty space, is there really anything left to get high?

So, to answer your question, no Snowden doesn't exist and neither do you.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

TwelveOhOne's picture

Regardless of the state of your inebriation

It is a valid question to ask. Especially with Crisis Actors(tm) showing us that people in trauma may not be, and shows like Burn Notice and Covert Affairs showing us the many faces CIA agents wear.

I'm sorry you are upset with me for some reason. I do exist, and so do you.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I don't get upset with people. It's illogical.

All I was doing was making fun of your weird post with my trademark dry wit. It doesn't appear I am the only one who thinks your theory is bogus and that's fine - some of my theories don't go over so well either.

Peace, love and frosty chocolate milkshakes friend...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.