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The Snowden Case: What You're Not Being Told - VIDEO

The Snowden Case: What You're Not Being Told - VIDEO

June 26, 2013

When the mainstream media shows you something with their right hand, watch what the left hand is doing


Read more: http://www.infowars.com/the-snowden-case-what-youre-not-bein...

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A tactic, like that of spying on everyone, is only as good for as long as it's not discovered.

Since it's officially out, they can no longer argue it would be effective.

Think we can convince them to scrap the program based that? It's just a waste of money and resources.

Yeah. We can dream, right?

sorry, posted this on wrong thread

NSA and NOW ramping up what could be described as some as a subjucation of a sovereign nation

All i take from this is, the US government digging thmseleves a deeper and deeper hole.....just feels like somethings ready to about snap, something that essentially puts the will of the people back where it belongs, and those who are now, or have been keeping upto date, being in a better position then those that havent, and all i want is for those who havent, to catch up......i dont want to have that unfair advantage, i want that situation to spark the need for folks to start noticing, get interested, and pursuing that inteest,
i want it equally shared amongst an informed populace

Or i could be off, a generation or two

I don't agree with the argument

that Snowden stealing the headlines while the Obama administration prepares to go to war is a bad thing. If we accept that we have been in a diplomatic war against Russia and China over the issue of Syria and Iran for some time, then the Snowden news weakens the Obama administration's diplomatic position because of who they were spying on. Further, with a majority of US citizens against spying, the Obama administration's diplomatic position seems even more tenuous. So our support for Snowden is the best defense we have against conflict at this moment.

Sure it may have been known for a few years

But we also know how the public digests information. Unless there is a source that comes forward as publicly as Snowden, then people will forget all about it as soon as the next commercial comes on.

And it's no shocker that the MSM is all over this. After-all, "Let no crisis go to waste" is the motto, whether the "crisis" is real or not. They're obviously attempting to twist the narrative to suit their agendas and, frankly, it's so obvious that it's pathetic.

Also, we ALL can't be doing or focusing on ALL that's going on at the same time. But there are people that are paying attention to the leaks and there are people paying attention to Syria. We are all ONE human organism with eyes and ears in different areas and we should embrace our diversity and COmmunicate with one another.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I TOTALLY disagree with

your second point that we "all" knew, or could have known.

That's the whole point. Americans "knew" they would do this kind of thing, if looking for terrorists, but we NEVER KNEW that they were doing a DRAGNET of information of ALL Americans. Are you kidding me?

We NEVER knew that. Not only that, we didn't know they were STORING our conversations, etc.

Alex Jones has been saying ...

that the major communication companies had 'floors' that all data passed through and that those floors were CIA. Been saying it for at least 5 years. I think it just takes time for most people to really understand the world is not as they wish.

Every time the Rothschild counterfeit debt cycle gets at its

Apex, the zionist crime family engeeners another mass genocide that they like to publisize in the Rothschild zionist media as a world war.

So the Rothschild private (so called state) of IzUnReal will proxie use the children of europe, brittan, and North America as cannon fodder in the meatgrinder genocide against the arab muslem, Russia, and Chineese. They have unlimited counterfeit money and a multitude of stupid sold out debt slaves lusting for their false debt counterfeit NOTES. But all the best equipment in the world will not give any moral to kids in war when they know they are on the wrong side.

The Ratchild family do not care about this side or that, they own the central debt counterfeit banks on both side. The real agenda again is to reset their false debt ponzie scheem for another hundred years or so untill they once again genocide their own species with claims of superiority as justification.