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DHS’s Citizenship & Immigration Services abandons background checks for illegal aliens

The Immigration and Nationality Act requires a “coordinated, uniform and efficient” system of background checks be used for all applicants, but documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that the Obama Administration has stopped doing background checks on illegal aliens being helped under the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals program.

INA also requires USCIS to maintain “direct and continuous” contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency to determine whether an illegal alien is ineligible to enter or remain in the U.S. due to criminal conduct, and other disqualifying factors.

To ensure that illegal immigrant applicants are not registered in any crime databases, INA requires that USCIS remain in contact with law enforcement agencies.

Before approving applications, immigrants are to be cross-checked through law enforcement agencies to see if they are indexed in the National Crime Information Center’s Interstate Identification Index, Wanted Persons File, or any other files maintained by the National Crime Information Center.

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch instead show a costly, haphazard and cursory review process for background checks on illegal aliens seeking “deferred status.”

The Judicial Watch investigation found a series of agency memos dated back to Sept. 14, 2012, instructing field offices to expect the National Benefits Center (which oversees collecting all DACA applicants) to only conduct “lean & lite” background checks on illegals applying for deferments.

“NBC will not perform full TECS checks or any evidence review on these cases before we ship to the field,” the memo revealed. A memo dated Oct. 14 reiterated the same policy, “Hits will be sent to the field without resolution.”

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