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Stop Worrying About Edward Snowden, And Start Worrying About War

As we all should know by now, the criminals in the United States government routinely lie to maintain or gain power and control over people and resources domestically and abroad. Edward Snowden helped reveal vital information to us so we can better understand the loss of Liberty we are facing in this country. We should be very thankful to whistle blowers like him, but this may not be the battle we should focus all of our attention on. As you should know, the game of Chess is being played in the United States conquest to destroy and rob the middle east. Russia and Iran are backing Syria and by looking at the trade that is going on between China and Iran, and the unkind words towards China from the United States, a reasonable theory of mine is that China may back Iran who is planning on sending troops to help the Syrian government. If a war between the United States and Syria is started, It is safe to say that we may have a World War on our hands. This war will be different. We as humans have invented new ways to kill mass amounts of people quicker and more efficiently. The rules of war have changed and now it seems there are none.

Obama has announced that weapons will be sent from the United States to the Syrian rebels. This is an act of war. I also have a theory that the United States is using the rebels to weaken Syria so when the time comes, the United States will move into Iran. I do not believe China will take kindly to this because Iran is China's oil exporter. Also keep in mind, the United States has invaded Africa as well.

I do not know exactly what will happen, but I do know it will not be good. These countries have nuclear weapons. If we let our government continue on this conquest tour over seas, we better be ready for the violence to hit our shores. You cant piss off half the world and not expect some retaliation. This is what we need to be talking about. The NSA will be the least of our worries if we allow these wars to continue.

Also keep in mind that if the media is constantly talking about something, there is probably something else happening that we are being distracted from.


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I am not worried about either

I am not worried about either Snowden or the war. Trying to get to the bottom of whether Paula Deen is rascist or not is what is keeping me up at night right now...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

yea - that and the zimmerman trial !


Worry about both which is why Snowden is the best prevention.

If the US provokes another World War, the globe knows that they don't need to bring the war to US shores. The US will keep it overseas and the globe will prefer to fight it on home turf. If starts to get here, then it is over for the US. The jig will be up. There will be no more zombies thinking everything is ok.

How do you prepare? NOT IGNORE SNOWDEN. Prosecute a political fight to end the shenanegans of the shadow government and weaken their influence not just worldwide but here at home.

Snowden is no distraction, he is a genuine hit to all that is evil in the non-accountable government.

If the US and world wants a war, they will have it. Your only chance to prevent it is get in this fight politically.

Stop Worrying About Edward Snowden, And Start Worrying About War

I was aiming towards NOT worrying about Edward Snowden. Who cares where he is as long as he is not in a military prison. Leave him alone and let him deal with the situation he is facing. The best help we can give him is to bring the main focus of the media away from him and to the information he brought to light. What he helped to reveal is important, but that is not the main focus. Instead, the focus of the media is attacking his character. The information and the wars is what we need to be talking about.

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This is very true

Curios how the free market is working to replace the state.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.



Wow, Great video

People often forget the Mainstream Media DO NOT work for The People. I convinced this Whistle blower case may just be the distraction they were looking for.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Don't Worry...

Take action! I agree, our primary effort should be toward preventing war. It's not going to be easy. It may not be possible. But it's the righteous thing to do.


Why can't I worry about both?

I am good at multitasking, especially when it comes to worrying.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

I agree...

Why not be active on both accounts?

You guys both beat me to

You guys both beat me to it...had the OP said "stop worrying about Kim Kardashian's baby," he may have had a point.

OH Nooooo!

Kim Kardashian had a baby??

Good points.

I think it is very likely that Ron Paul's words in congress before he left, comparing the rhetoric that started the Iraq war with the same rhetoric being used to drum up support for an Iranian war, probably circumvented that war from starting. Now they are working a different angle using Syria. Calling out the war propaganda before it gets rolling is probably the best route to deter it from happening. Vigilance is what is need, because there are a a lot of angles to look for right now.


This verse has been going through my head over and over lately.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Take it to heart ((((((Luv-n-liberty)))))))

it's a truth that will set you free.

good point.

If you haven't been preparing yourself and your family, now is a good time to start...

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