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*Marriage Has Been Perverted!*

Since 1215... when the Government of the United Kingdom (such a likable bunch!), created the requirement for a *public* announcement in a Christian parish (no longer recognizing private marriages) as requested by the Roman Catholic Church, setting the stage for our modern day definition of marriage.

Before this point "marriage" was a *private* binding contract often between clans (families) to form alliances. A "dowry" (cattle, land, precious metals, soft toilet paper or whatever else was considered to be valuable at the time) was passed between the clans. Marriages "of love"(gay or straight)have existed for thousands of years as well(more so in prosperous times/areas where alliances between families were not needed to survive brutal times).

What was done in 1215 represents the *real* perversion point in the whole marriage saga, even on a day like today, because this is when it became a public/state issue. Whether you are gay or straight inviting the government into people's private lives is always bad.

Let's face it, even after today's ruling, gays will *still* not enjoy the same rights or protections as straight people do but they may start enjoying the same tax breaks and other benefits that marriage affords everyone else, ( you know...like the benefit of being next to your partner while they're lying on their deathbed and such).

The fact is that, the day that the 14th amendment and the 1st amendment are upheld to protect *ALL* citizens will be a great day for this nation regardless of any superficial differences anyone of us share.

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I'm against government sanctioned marriage

And Hollywood marriages. :p

I don't understand

How is it possible to be a libertarian and be against gay marriage at the same time? I haven't commented in months but this topic drives me nuts. To me they are opposing beliefs. Btw im not gay.... Not that theres anything wrong with that.

You see a lot of the libertarian position in this thread

I share this opinion: Government has no business deciding ANYTHING about who can or cannot get married or creating special rights for groups.
A person can be against the practice and discourage it without feeling the need for any government intervention.

I've never heard of anything regular married people can do or any benefits they enjoy that aren't already available to gays so I really don't get the whole thing anyway.

The site has had in influx of new people

Mostly the new tea party types that are basically what the typical republican has been for the past 20 years. On the other hand the Ron Paul type libertarian is becoming a scarce commodity on this site. I guess many of them have moved on to other sites.

what other sites?

Im getting tired of the anti-gay posts/attacks on here


The government hijacking of marriage has led to this debacle known as marriage equality. Pretty soon you will be getting demands from murders and thieves to be let out of prison. They are being dscriminated against. It is not their fault, they were born this way. Behavior is not act of volition, right?

BTW, the evidence of a marriage is procreation. Good luck.

It's unatural for the same sexes to be attracted to each other

The magnet repels each other when like poles are forced together. In the electrical world electrons are never attracted to another electron.

If two male apes are attracted to each other their genes will eventually disappear from the gene pool. But this is not so in the human world because homosexual are able to adopt and corrupt a new generation.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Are you kidding?

This must be a joke right? Are you really stupid enough to believe this?

"When I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as 'free enterprise.' I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and to live..." - Robert A. Taft

so being gay is a choice or something that can be taught??

at what age did you choose to be straight? and aren't you lucky you weren't "corrupted" by some gay!

BTW, HETEROSEXUALS create gay people each day by HAVING BABIES!

And what the heck is your definition of "unnatural" because when I can see something in nature with my own eyes and I know for a fact that it's not a choice...I'd say that's pretty natural.

He did not say it was a choice

Only that same sex attraction is unnatural. The word is perversion. Evil. Those with a reprobate mind are given to such vices and are not to be followed.

are you kidding??

"But this is not so in the human world because homosexual are able to adopt and corrupt a new generation"

what did he mean by this if he isn't saying that gays corrupt and turn kids gay??!

Monkey see; monkey do

Children are impressionable. That is why the bible instructs that perverts be killed, because they cause confusion. Such as yourself, you have a weak, perverted mind and know not any better. You are a victim as well as now the perpetrator. Monkey see; monkey do. As Robert Frost says, way leads unto way. Reconstituter001, I hope this brushes your cortex not just gives you a flash of anger. Either way, good luck.

its cool that I should be killed! i mean it's in the bible!

dude you really need help! you are living in a fantasy world!!

Its unnatural to be born with Down Syndrome

Its unnatural to be born with only one arm. Its unnatural to be born with chronic illness, etc. Humans are born all sorts of ways which aren't common, but "natural" by virtue of the fact that they were born that way. Who gives a care if people are outside the norm, and their genes won't carry on. Many good, honest, Christian women are born with defects which leave them unable to have children. They will never reproduce and their genes will never carry on. By your argument, these women who were born physically different than most, should not be allowed children because you don't want them corrupting a new generation. If you honestly think that being gay is always a lifestyle choice and not simply a physical difference which some are born with, then you just haven't met enough people in your life. Hang around a womens college basketball team for a while. When you see the obvious connection between the fact that many of these women are 6 foot 3 with voices like Barry White and the extremely high percentage of homosexuals in elite women's basketball programs, maybe you'll open up to the idea that many homosexuals are simply born that way. And if they are born that way, then it most certainly is "natural", even if it isn't ideal for reproduction.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

The common factor, is the ideal

What has really been perverted is the ideal. What is the ideal virtuous life and who or what leads us on its path? If we are wild jungle animals never complain about anything because everything is relative to a natural state. However, if we agree to be civilized, our struggle to survive in this world had better have an ideal that is not perverted. Hence the State is a work in progress. (Hint) Ron Paul never wavered or corrupted his ideals.


and then you die

100 billion per year Divorce Inc

... is an ungodly perversion fueled by "no-fault" legislation.

Five Myths about No-Fault Divorce
by Stephen Baskerville


Actually it hasn't. In Genesis

In Genesis it talks about the Son's of God marrying the daughters of men and having giants. Gog was the land of Giants. God speaks of Gog returning in the last days. God brought a flood in the Days of Noah because of the evil that was occurring on earth. Many think the Biblical books of Enoch and Jasher, uncanonized by European Bible Scholars, speak of the genetic alterations that caused these giants. These books describe these marriages brought the destruction to the earth and Noah and the seeds of the earth he gathered were spared. Gay marriage may occur but they are not marrying God they are marrying evil spirits dead spirits that have no place in heaven. In other words they are making vows to Satan. God has truly given them up. This occurrence does bring destruction on America even if "Me and my house serve the Lord." My home is not here and neither is my treasure. We don't live under Sharia law to go kill them for this. All we can do is tell them they will be destroyed for it. Even for ;this little thing we try to do to save them...THEY CALL OUT THE THOUGHT POLICE ON US TO REMOVE OUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS.

Spirits, Devils, Angels, Giants? What Fun!!

Oh what it must be like to live life with such a child-like wonder!

just another example...

of the Government getting involved in something where it has no business being involved, marriage is a religious institution; and its another sign of the moral decay of this country,only a moral and just people can govern themselves


Although I disagree with you when you say same sex marriage was around a thousand years ago, I probably agree with everything else. that said it sickens me that some of the big arguments for gay marriage where so that they could share health insurance, or that they could have tax cuts. If you are getting married for those reasons, gay or straight, dont tell me because I might beat the crap out of you right there. I am frustrated that feminism has done everything in its power to make people believe that their is no difference between men and women, especially when the differences, both physical and mental, are wonderful and complimentary. With out this lie how could gay marriage ever come about? People believing this lie say things like "men and women are just alike so why cant you have men marrying men and women marrying women its the same thing as a woman marrying a man". Sad. Personally I dont care if two men or two women get together and call it marriage, but I hate that they expect me to call it marriage. I guess I am just waiting for the day that I will be sued by these people for not calling them married.

no one is forcing anything on you! lol

you sound very unhappy and angry for some reason. do you really hate feminist and want to punch people random people you disagree with?

why all the rage? why not live and let live??

I love your post because it

I love your post because it expresses the brutal honesty and raw emotion that I think we share.

Gender identity is an importanr issue for society that society cant have a calm amd rational discussion about.

Two (or more) gay and/or straight people can call their relationship marriage if they want, but I should never be forced to accept it, and neither should my church/home/school/business/etc.

My personal belief is that marriage requires the inclusion of the Christian GOD; all other unions are just that, unions. I dont need government to validate my relationship or my belief. I will teach my kids that and whem they get old enough they can make up their own mind - you are free to do the same (make up your own mind).

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

Love > Government

Let's face it, if you need government to tell you that your marriage is worth something, you don't understand love.

I wouldn't worry about government further perverting marriage now; the moral battle was long lost in this country.

Yep, Marriage shouldn't even be a political issue

If we removed the federal government from marriage this issue would go away completely.

I wish people would wake up!

I don't see it as Christian

I don't see it as Christian marriages being polluted, I see it as American marriages. I hope this ruling makes more Christians realize they were depending on the Feds to define their love, their marriage, and their sacred bonds and how ridiculous it truly is to do so.

Southern Agrarian

NO ONE should get tax breaks

NO ONE should get tax breaks or "benefits" for getting married.


What about smoking? Should someone have to pay a sin tax? Because they do. And that my friend is discrimination.

Regrettably, that ship sailed

Regrettably, that ship sailed a long, long time ago and I cannot ever recall "marrieds" railing against the government for giving them economic incentives for getting married or having kids or buying houses.

I think a lot of it may come down to money and benefits

I do support a same sex civil union where the same benefits are realized as opposite sex civil unions. Maybe this helps with taxes or other issues (in the current system). But the alphabet soup should be abolished. And that's where we should be united.

If the alphabet soup did not exist we might not be having this conversation. I could probably enter into a contract with a same sex buddy of mine and date tons of opposite sex people and reap the benefits. That's the downfall and why the alphabet soup should be abolished.

I was legally "married" (man and woman) but in fact in my terms it was a civil union as I am a non practicing Catholic and didn't actually get married, only got into a civil union contract as I wasn't married in church (not a decent one.) I had the wrong view of marriage.

Don't let anyone else define you. Define yourself.

Dancing in the street is actually happening locally. I don't see any reason for any party to be happy or unhappy.

United we stand and divided we fall...

We have gay and straight Ron Paul Republicans, gay and straight Libertarians, and same all throughout. There are bigger topics to handle. We are being systematically dismantled through divide and conquer.

I understand fundamentalist views on marriage and non-fundamentalist. But there are much bigger issues at hand and we need to band together.

I don't think marriage should occur outside of a church, but I'm not gonna knock people who want to use the terms. It's not hurting me one bit. It's just words.

Scotland & common-law marriages

From what I understand, for hundreds of years "marriage" has been very loosely defined like that in Scotland, with so-called "common law marriage" and nobody frowning or being judgmental about it.


Under Scots law, there have been several forms of "irregular marriage", among them:

Irregular marriage by declaration de presenti — declaring in the presence of two witnesses that one takes someone as one's wife or husband.
Irregular marriage conditional on consummation.
Marriage contracted by correspondence.
Irregular marriage by cohabitation with habit and repute.

A marriage by "cohabitation with repute" as it was known in Scots Law could still be formed; popularly described as "by habit and repute", with repute being the crucial element to be proved.

Babies still got their birth certificates, "families" got on with their lives without botheration to specific group of people.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!