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*Marriage Has Been Perverted!*

Since 1215... when the Government of the United Kingdom (such a likable bunch!), created the requirement for a *public* announcement in a Christian parish (no longer recognizing private marriages) as requested by the Roman Catholic Church, setting the stage for our modern day definition of marriage.

Before this point "marriage" was a *private* binding contract often between clans (families) to form alliances. A "dowry" (cattle, land, precious metals, soft toilet paper or whatever else was considered to be valuable at the time) was passed between the clans. Marriages "of love"(gay or straight)have existed for thousands of years as well(more so in prosperous times/areas where alliances between families were not needed to survive brutal times).

What was done in 1215 represents the *real* perversion point in the whole marriage saga, even on a day like today, because this is when it became a public/state issue. Whether you are gay or straight inviting the government into people's private lives is always bad.

Let's face it, even after today's ruling, gays will *still* not enjoy the same rights or protections as straight people do but they may start enjoying the same tax breaks and other benefits that marriage affords everyone else, ( you know...like the benefit of being next to your partner while they're lying on their deathbed and such).

The fact is that, the day that the 14th amendment and the 1st amendment are upheld to protect *ALL* citizens will be a great day for this nation regardless of any superficial differences anyone of us share.

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Society human capital arguments aren't my favorite

Hi b,

Personally I'm not a big fan of the government doing things to shape a society as a mass, meaning that we as individuals should be given the same treatment in order to meet a collective goal. I think everything you write in the second paragraph is likely true, but I still wouldn't want the government manipulating all of us to achieve a specific goal.

I don't want me and my children to be considered human capital towards a social goal.

(disclosure: married for 15 years, three young kids)

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I don't think that supporting marriage is a way to shape society, as much as a way to acknowledge the foundation of society and to keep it. All stable societies have marriage.

what you described is called..

Socialism. Why should the government give you back more money back because you have kids? You say an investment in the future. I say it is investment to the Republicans and Democrats brainwashing game of enslavement. The government needs to stay out of our private lives!

I don't see how you came to that conclusion.

Do you view tax exempt status for churches or non-profit charity organizations as a form of socialism? We're talking about taxing people less than normal, not taxing other people more than normal.
I think no taxes for anyone would be nice, but if there are taxes, I think certain exemptions would still make sense. I don't see how tax exemptions are socialism.

It is a form of socialism.

I believe that taxes should be paid for services. The rest is theft that the Republicans and Democrats use to pay for unconstitutional wars, unconstitutional health care, unconstitutional welfare system and so on. If we only paid taxes on services The tyrant government would not have the money to enslave us. So yes taxes is socialism.

On to the gay marriage issue. Marriage is a contract between two or more people and the government should have no say in the contract in my opinion. The two party slave masters love it when we have to ask them to do something that is a natural right. MARRIAGE LICENSES ARE ANOTHER FORM OF SOCIALISM STRAIGHT OR GAY!

straw man.

I'm not arguing for taxes, I'm arguing for an exemption from taxes. I already said that I would like it if there were no taxes for anyone. It's not clear to me that the tax single people pay goes toward any kind of social engineering, but rather I think it goes towards national debt. If exemptions are to be handed out on merits, I think married people would be more deserving of exemption from taxes in that they provide a service to society in child bearing. The service they are providing is not a future service, even though the effects are typically delayed.

Get help

I believe your implying that traditional families are a necessary feature of a stable society is an expression of deep homophobia.

should have used purple

or at least a /sarc if you meant this to be sarcastic. Plenty of people here who won't/don't consider your remark sarcastic.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Show me a stable society that doesn't have marriage.

Show me a stable society that doesn't have marriage.

Why resort to disparagement or name calling? One could easily turn it around and suggest you hold a deep feeling of hate for people who disagree with you. I would rather deal with the arguments themselves.


I thought the comment was so absurd that the sarcasm would be unmistakable.

What if the decision to live

What if the decision to live publicly as a gay person is based on some kind of psychological trauma early in life and/or other outside factors?

Just a thought. Since we are social animals, the decision to set one's self up as a pariah and a perpetual martyr could be seen as a disorder.

If some people actually are born ardently gay, that number would be kept at a bare minimum in the species, you would think, by those people's failure to procreate with very much enthusiasm.

Additionally, adopting the gay lifestyle and mindset is not necessarily the same as being born with certain preferences or traits that are normal for the opposite sex. People can be converted to *anything*. It just takes the convergence of the right factors.

I think the forced normalization of gayness in the modern world is likely due to social engineering schemes aimed at undermining families, religious groups, communities, etc...organizations that challenge state power by providing their own agendas and support systems for individuals.

Great comment

I think it's being forced onto society, too, and meant as a way to undermine families, churches, etc. I met too many 'gays' that admitted to being molested by a same-gender adult to not think this has something to do with it. Of course, there are many exceptions, but I remember in the early '90s reading about a study done in SanFran and 94% of those gays surveyed said they were molested by a same-gender adult when a child. We already know there's no such thing as a gay gene, so one has to wonder. Also, if the crime is committed when a child is very young and the trauma from that experience is too much to handle, one might not remember it.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

you need help

or to just become friends with a gay person and realize it's not some conspiracy or anything...we are people just like you.

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Get help yourself

A warning was sufficient the first time it happened.

Several years later I had to pull a knife to defend myself the second time a sodomite tried to make me a victim of his homosexual predations.

People who define themselves by the kind of sex they enjoy are a danger to society.

No, sodomites are not just like me.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Glenn Greenwald

Would you like to tell that to the face to Glenn Greenwald, one of the strongest ally for Liberty movement for many years - challenger of unconstitutionality of NDAA, drone wars, NSA?

Is he a danger to society according to you? Because you know, he fits in your category of "people who define themselves....".

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

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I'd be glad to share my story with him

but what does that have to do with anything? He does great work for liberty, but I have no idea where his sexual proclivities lead him or what he does with them. Hopefully he doesn't try to sexually abuse those who don't want that kind of contact with him.

All predators of either gender and regardless of sexual preferences are a danger to society. I have several good reasons to be wary of sodomites in particular since they've proven to me repeatedly that they can be a danger to myself and my family when they have the opportunity.

Your reply wouldn't be so bogus if you'd stick to facts and not make ASSumptions about how I view either individuals or groups of any kind.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

you are a closeted gay right?

because obviously have some deep issues here

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You're just unhappy

that I was able to prevent sodomites from doing to me what they did to my brother. He's dead now because he wasn't old enough to defend himself against adult sexual predators and was too ashamed of what happened to tell anyone until just before his death.

Sodomite predators are a danger to society and the fact that you rejoice in their perversions and predations is all I need to know about you. But I pray for my enemies as I nevertheless remain armed and vigilant.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Wow. I truly feel sorry for you. You have some real deep issues

Are you gay? Why make up silly stories to defame an entire group of people? Even if it were true...can you really blame a whole group based on a single act by a single individual??

That's a really weak argument.

Not that I agree with the above poster's generalizations but he could very well loathe the standards that accompany homosexuality without possessing any secret gayness that he's terrified of.

The homophobia smear is a total intellectual cop-out. I dislike, or just have no particular use for, lots of different lifestyles and types of people. I don't fear them, I don't secretly long to join them, they just serve no purpose in my life.

I don't dislike gay people. I do dislike gay people telling me I don't have the right to find them boring.

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Your reply is moronic

and a lame diversion from your blanket statement about an entire group of people saying that sodomites are just like everyone else.

"Are you gay?" Typical sodomite taking language and hijacking it to suit your agenda. Then cover for deviants by calling their actions "silly stories". Sickening.

The only deep issue I have with sodomites is that two of your ilk in two separate acts [learn to read] attempted to assault me because they're sexual predators.

I suppose in your worldview I wouldn't have "issues" if I had simply let them destroy my life. You people are seriously twisted.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

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I do have another deep issue with sodomites, for what several of them did to my younger brother that led to his suicide in 1994. That was so long ago I don't think about it much anymore.

So, mock all you want. I would expect nothing less from people who's lives are defined by how they want sex and their insatiable desire for approval of it.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

you really have no clue "good samaritan"

and you deserve to be mocked for lying and spewing such garbage

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Why do you defend sexual predators?

Are you a closeted pedophile? Do you get your jollies from hearing stories about molestations that leave children traumatized and suicidal, and eventually dead?

Most people would be sickened by what sodomites did to my brother - but not you. Please tell us why. I'm sure the DP community would like to know why you think sexual predators have a right to abuse children.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

I didn't and don't. Sorry about it!! My problem is w/ you

You have some real issues and it's not because of some "sodomite" and your bro didn't commit suicide because some "sodomite"! You have a lot of nerve to call all gays "sodomites" and to say the things you have said about gay people. you are a bigot and just as bad as any sexual predator. btw do you know how many gay people kill themselves everyday because of bullies and bigots like YOU?!

How bout you just be a "good Samaritan" and LOVE YOUR FREAKIN NEIGHBOR!

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Because you believe sexual assaults are harmless?

Is that why you say my brother didn't commit suicide because of repeated sexual assaults even though he and everyone in his family knew/knows otherwise? Do you have some paranormal ability to read the minds of dead people, or did you overhear his taped suicide note?

I'm old enough to remember that "gay" used to just mean something innocuous until it was hijacked by sodomites. And it's not my problem if you don't know the dictionary definition of sodomite. I don't bend to your language rules. Grow up and deal with it.

I have no problem with anyone unless they try or actually succeed in violence against someone. Are you a sexual predator? If so, then I suppose I'm a "bigot" in your eyes because sexual predators are a group that I'm concerned about and will discriminate against.

Suicides among sodomites is a sad tragedy but I have nothing to do with it. Some of them, on the other hand, brought devastation to my family so I make no apologies for my attitude toward people who think it's sport to recruit or force other people's children.

As for loving my neighbor, one of the ways I do so is by keeping a watchful eye on potential dangers to them. That includes sexual predators - sodomite or otherwise.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Gays are no more sexual predators than heteros

and yes, you are indeed a bigot for equating the two

GoodSamaritan's picture

You've been A$$uming

that I equate the two. Go back and reread my posts because I'm usually pretty careful about word choice. I'll make it even simpler - there are sodomites and there are sodomites who prey on children. There are straights and there are straights who prey on children. Got it?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

whatever dude theres too much to cut and paste

to show you that you are wrong. you equated to two and have repeatedly called me a sodomite. you obviously are obsessed with other peoples personal/sex lives for a reason. but why the hate and name calling??

GoodSamaritan's picture

There's nothing to cut and paste

because I neither said nor implied that all sodomites are sexual predators. You're just intellectually lazy - it's easier to accuse without the burden of critical examination. You're too lazy to pick up a dictionary so you remain blissfully unaware that - by definition - homosexuals are sodomites, and you rely on the fallacy of diversion ("are you gay", "obsessed with other peoples sex lives", "why the hate and name calling") because you're too lazy to form a cogent argument.

I very much doubt you would have been upset if I had said that the sexual predators who crossed paths with our family were heterosexual. It was because I said they were sodomites that you became defensive. Tough luck. Your agenda doesn't trump the pain they caused our family.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father