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Firefox Advances Do Not Track Technology

The maker of the popular Firefox browser is moving ahead with plans to block the most common forms of Internet tracking, allowing hundreds of millions of users to eventually limit who watches their movements across the Web, company officials said Wednesday.

Firefox’s developers made the decision despite intense resistance from advertising groups, which have argued that tracking is essential to delivering well-targeted, lucrative ads that pay for many popular Internet services.

Widespread release of the blocking technology remains months away. But officials at Mozilla, the nonprofit group that makes Firefox, spoke confidently Wednesday about the growing sophistication of tools they are building to limit the placement of “cookies” in users’ browsers.



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That's nice about blocking advertisers...but

what about blocking government spying?

You can already block trackers on Firefox,

when you use the "Ghostery" add-on. This feature has been upgraded recently and works REALLY well.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

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Waiting for Start page

to come up with a secure browser that won't let ISPs track you and know all of online information.
I'm ready for start mail.

Anyone have a work around link for yahoo mail?

The new yahoo mail is horrible. No longer can you right click and open an email in a new window ( or open multiple emails in multiple windows ), has intrusive ads everywhere.

Does anyone have a link to a work around so that the old yahoo mail will appear?

( as an asides, my old yahoo still works thank G-d on several of my emails. However I can only get the new sucky yahoo mail ( why don't we at least get a chance to decide which version we like? ). My Wife's computer 12 feet away can only get the new yahoo mail. I rely greatly on company business via email and I'm used to yahoo, using it and paying for it for years. If anyone knows of a way to get around it please pm me or post a link. Thank you.

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Try Hush Mail.

Hushmail is a privacy-oriented email service with built-in encryption and no third-party advertising. Try Hushmail for free. Go to: https://www.hushmail.com/about/ Just found out about it.

Important info for YAHOO users !!!

Yahoo will be releasing inactive email names. The problem will be the person who claims your old name might be able to access other accounts that you used the email when registering. For example if you use your yahoo email when registering for a photo storage website like flickr. The person who now has your old email can type it into flickr and hit reset password. the new password will be sent to your old email that someone else now owns and they can now access your private pictures or info. FYI


This is obviously great news and a step in the right direction

But it'd be really nice if they fixed the memory leak. No reason a web browser should be taking up a gig of RAM.

While I agree with changing the default behavior, this can

already be accomplished now.

Simply mark the box to "always use private browsing mode" in FF and uncheck "accept 3rd party cookies."

I surf this way all the time and I've NEVER had a cookie set that I've ever seen. (and yes, I do check from time to time)

No new technology is needed unless they are trying to think for you and determine what will be blocked and what will not be, instead of letting you do it, and then you have to go "opt out" again for particular sites.

Just pester me every time a site tries to track me, and give me the option of remembering my response. Before long, frequently used sites will work with no problems. and the rest can be tolerated.

As well, Mozilla should probably start a "black list" of sites and companies that don't respect user's privacy. Publish it far and wide. Use it to block their trackers. Publish articles about their horrible practices.

You should read up on "self

You should read up on "self destructing cookies" add on for firefox

"Self-Destructing Cookies
Cookies when you need them, not when others need them to track you - gets rid of a site's cookies as soon as you close its tabs. Detects and protects against trackers and zombie-/evercookies. Trustworthy services can be whitelisted."

Not claiming its 100% effective as i know no means to check if it deletes all known tracking cookies that exist, but it notifies you when it does, aswell as normal cookies when you close the tab.......that, you can test here on the daily paul.......log in, close tab, wait for the message, "dailypaul cookie deleted"(ALL open tabs to the dailypaul), then reopen.....hey presto, you have to log in again :)

Edit: it deletes the tracking cookies it knows or maybe it analyzes a tracking cookies behaviour, i forget, on the fly, as soon as its downloaded, i assume, notifies you too......nice little feature if you ask me

Nice one thanks. Because trashing them on browser exit only

isn't enough to stop trackers in that session.

Fix it forever solution:

Opt in, not out.

One cheap/simple law should suffice.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

why pass a law when we can

why pass a law when we can build it ourselves with the means to detect intrusions......then watch governments squirm in justifying WHY we cant protect ourselves

Defence, detection, and response i.e. shutdown internet connection of program, app etc etc, and trully, honest to god anonymouse bug report for the purpose of developers detecting a global attack maybe, and informing the users on principle......its not 100%, but its better then the complete non issue it is today