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The Connection Between Amnesty and Obamacare

We have been told that Sen. Max Baucus was the author of Obamacare. But he obviously did not write it because he has admitted that he did not even read it (he considered actually reading it "a waste of time").


This is not all that surprising since most bills are probably not written (or read) by the members of Congress who put their names on them.

But somebody had to write it. It didn't just come into existence on its own.

It turns out that Robert Creamer wrote it from his prison cell while serving time for tax evasion and bank fraud. He is a progressive who idolizes Saul Alinsky.

He advocated that the Democrats could win a permanent majority in Congress by making people dependent on government by doing two things:

(1) Institute national health care and,
(2) Give amnesty to illegal aliens

He's such a nice, honest guy that he was quoted as saying, "To win, we must not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust."


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NWO at this point, even the

at this point, even the most harmless sounding bill often has nefarious implications within it.

Southern Agrarian