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Just a note : SCOTUS did NOT decide if banning Gay Marriage was illegal or legal, nothing has changed.

The court simply said they do NOT have the ability to decide the case and shot it back down to the circuit court, they also said the federal court has no jurisdiction in the case. It's a states rights issue.

California can continue with gay marriages but only until it gets sent back to the SCOTUS in a different way which will be "Does the California Supreme Court have the ability to overturn a Constitutional Amendment voted on and aporoved by the people." In that case I think the State of California loses because there is a process for changing the Constitution in the State of California, it has been changed the same way before and to say the process doesn't apply to this one Constitutional Amendment will be found to violate the equal protection clause.

As far as DOMA goes, Ron Paul said along time ago he was against it because the government can givith and the government can taketh away.

A little update on DOMA, the fact is that not all of DOMA was thrown under the bus. It only matters in states where Gay Marriage is legal, it does not affect states where gay marriage is illegal.

Hurray for states rights!

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