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Opednews: Be Careful. Do not make excuses for Obama.

Okay, now I've seen it all. Better late than never I guess.

Be Careful. Do Not Make Excuses for Obama
By Rob Kall
OpEdNews Op Eds 6/25/2013 at 06:51:48
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I believe that those who make apologies about Obama-- blaming his bad acts on his failure, weakness, incompetence or the Republicans are wrong. Obama is not weak and doesn't make mistakes. He intentionally, consciously betrays the middle class in the service of the bankers, the Robert Rubins of the world. He has repeatedly appointed corporate insiders-- from Monsanto, the big banks, Goldman Sachs-- the foxes in the henhouse.

Now, we find out that Obama has ramped up a massive program to prevent leaks-- directly contradicting his professed intention to increase government transparency. Michael Collins brings us up to speed on how Obama's dark side is coming out more and more into the open, with his article Captain Queeg Commands the Good Ship Obama?

Frankly, I have, on multiple occasions, caught myself making excuses for Obama, saying things like-- "he's a failure as a leader," or, "He's incompetent." Then I catch myself and remind myself that this Harvard grad is extremely intelligent and it is far more likely that he has not failed and is not incompetent, but rather, is doing exactly what he's chosen to do.

Liberal Democrats who still haven't figured out that Obama is stabbing them and their values in the back usually blame the naughty Republicans. I'm sorry. Obama has incredible executive powers-- more than any previous president-- and he uses them, just not for main street, the 99% and the middle class. He uses them to murder US citizens, to kill innocent women and children and to spy on ALL of us.

If you're still making excuses for Obama, or excusing his actions, policies and appointments because of his flaws or other people, please wake up. He is doing exactly what he intends. He is not your afflicted friend. He is a partner of the one percent-- of the corporatists. He is one of them, not one of us.

I know, this is a disappointment. It flies in the face of the promises he gave, the hopes he raised. Get over it. Face the reality. The man you thought could save America is accelerating its becoming a totalitarian, corporate, police state.

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