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The Verdict Is In: Mainstream Media is Dead (VIDEO)

Mainstream media viewership is dying almost as quickly as overall viewer trust, and the alternative news is now rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the scripted media. A new age of media has begun.

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It should be called MSF for Main Stream Filter

great video interview, thanks for posting.

Actually you are very technically correct, thanks.

Spewing out socially controversial issues divides a populous while NEVER mentioning world class theft.

Main Stream effort on the net. (Yahoo) Fraudster Epic Fail!

Yahoo! Finance ran a story yesterday titled Edward Snowden to America: 'Catch Me If You Can', by a guy named "Henry Blodget," a writer for Yahoo!'s "Daily Ticker."

In the opinion piece, Blodget launches a feeble attempt to disparage Edward Snowden with a number of personal attacks on Snowden's character, referring to Snowden as a "government-hating fugitive" who's committed "serious crimes" and a person whom "most Americans now want him tossed in jail."

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.... ends with this.

"But who exactly is "Henry Blodget?" Turns out that "Henry Blodget," a Yale graduate, is an admitted fraudster who was charged with securities fraud by the New York Attorney General in 2002 and was permanently banned from the securities industry, as well as being fined $4 million dollars. Wikipedia reports:

"In 2002, then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, published Merrill Lynch e-mails in which Blodget gave assessments about stocks which allegedly conflicted with what was publicly published.[ 5] In 2003, he was charged with civil securities fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.[6] He agreed to a permanent ban from the securities industry and paid a $2 million fine plus a $2 million disgorgement. [7.]"

Their audience is literally

Their audience is literally dying of old age by the thousands every day.

This proves mainstream media is brainwashing mind control trying to sell you a specific version of reality.

The really cool thing.

There is no central control over the alternate media. It's springing up at all levels (other than cable) through the blogosphere. It's the most unrestricted free market in journalism in over 50 years.

Think the Kennedy assassination would play out the same way today? ;)