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Only Civil Disobedience Will Win Our Liberty Back!

Only violence will win our liberty back.

You don't think so? Who are we kidding?

I write post on Facebook about the intrusions of the NSA and other government programs. I tell them to write their representatives as I have. Write their senators. I tell them not to let these transgressions against US, the people by way of destroying our Constitution, simply fade into yesterday's news without incident, without there being a vote forced on this issue.

I disseminate the truth to the men in my Infantry company and watch the truth spread like wildfire through the ranks. They say they will uphold their oaths...most of them...and most of the senior NCOs and officers. I think many of them understand it now. But what are they suppose to do? Spread the word?

Once that happens, they'll do what I do. Tell everyone they know the truth. But then what? Once THAT happens? They can start to demand change...but how? How does one without power and authority "demand" change? These are things I catch myself saying all the time. "DEMAND CHANGE!!!"

Writing your representatives won't demand change. Neither will writing your senators. HA! That's IF they even really read it for themselves, and IF they are the one's that even email you back.

The game is over and the media controls the character of our people. The people are lazy, worse, they are complacent. In the military there is a popular phrase...complacency kills. This is in reference to IEDs. Come on though, wake up! Our government is dropping tyrannical bombs on us left and right and the news only fades to darkness.

The only way we can demand change is through violence. Until there is blood spilled, there will be no change. Until we show them WE have the authority and the POWER to DEMAND change...nothing will. Until we are ready to give up what we love, to get what we need to strive as humans, LIBERTY, then we will continue to wither and suffocate under the oppression that is being unleashed against us daily! Don't be confused, there are many veterans that stand with you. Ironically, we as Americans love to praise our troops (although less so here) if not for their effort to fight wars, for the bravery to stand and DIE for what they believe. There are many veterans, including me who don't believe in these wars, who get the system, who understand the Federal Reserve, petrodollar, and more. It doesn't mean we understood when we joined, but that doesn't take away from the point that we served for the right reasons, which is for the LIBERTY that we THOUGHT we had.

So let me ask you this. If we want to give all this credit to our military for being brave to keep us "free", then why is there no credit to be given to the citizen who is brave enough to actually stand up to be free? Like Snowden? The soldiers can't do it all. The backbone of our country is the citizen. It's you and me. I may be a soldier, but I am a citizen FIRST. America needs context in which to judge their "heroes". We need to be willing to die for our liberty. Rather, die for our son's and daughter's liberty. We all know they will have none in their lives with the progression of government today.

Bottom line. We need to push our limits to show we have power as people. We need to find a way to fire up America as a whole and stand up and make a change. Not by writing, by ACTING OUT. Americans are the weapons we need to win the war for our liberty. Like a sword, this weapon cannot be made when the "steel" is cold. It must be hot and the fire and passion for liberty must be ignited to make a change. It is on us, the informed to make this change. It is on us to initiate the movement. WE must ignite the flame in which this weapon can even be forged.

Although the violence I call for may be that of our own government acting against us, we must show civil disobedience. We must. Change will NOT happen without it. We can't let people like Adam Kokesh stand alone. That march on DC is exactly what we needed. No one wants violence. I don't. But the change we so desperately need must be demanded. The only proven way to do that, is by civil disobedience. We did not strike first, they have. And we haven't even gone as far as civil disobedience.

I'll leave you with what is surely one of our all time favorites.

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ...
And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
It is its natural manure."

Sincerely. With love, and for liberty.



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the best civil disobedience

the best civil disobedience is to STOP paying taxes. You get enough people to stop paying taxes at one time and those pricks will notice.

No.7's picture

How exactly are you going to pull that one off????

I'm all for civil disobedience and telling the IRS the funk themselves at the same time don't get me wrong.

Honestly though, I have no plans of screwing with the IRS. I foresee nothing but really negative consequences for me with little to no positive consequences for anyone but lawyers and the IRS.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Civil Disobedience on a Local Level

I don't advocate violence, but I can see your point. I have tried using the system and get thwarted at every juncture. I am being civilly disobedient on a local income tax level. Gotta start somewhere!


Critical distinction

between civil disobedience and provocative violence: unfortunately the author of this Post argues inconsistently between the 2 propositions and their moral compass

Not at all

I clearly said that the blood spilled will likely be ours.

The title was changed, thank Michael for the confusion I suppose.

I simple say that there will be NO change until there is violence. I did not try to instigate it, but rather I point out that there are many ready to respond to said violence and make a stand. Also, that until there is something that we actually physically demand, through peaceful protest, civil disobedience, or all out revolution, there will not be a change.

This is not something I promote, or even that I want. I just realized it after telling people to write their congressmen, and blah blah blah. The man doesn't care, doesn't listen. We have to show our power before there will be change, and before there is change, they will physically resist, via violence.

Sorry if the change of post confused you, not my call. But you can clearly read it and although it may seem as if I'm talking about US spilling blood, when you read through it, I tell you at the end that I'm talking about us having enough balls to take a stand.

Look what Snowden did. Was it the right thing? Was it peaceful on his part? I promise it will end with violence.

The language

of your commentary is still confusing.

For example you reiterate "there will be NO change until there is violence", which implies first-person present-tense committed action.

I understand your position as being defensive upon further reading, however such inconsistency is hazardous in the face of armed opposition (ie. governmental SWAT teams etc)

Seems that the Founders of this country felt the same way...

You just can't talk them into giving up all that money and power. Why would / should they?

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

"The world is not entirely governed by logic.

Life itself involves some kind of violence and we have to choose the path of least violence." Mahatma Gandhi

I have been arguing at this site FOR SIX YEARS that only the WILLINGNESS to resort to violence will achieve our ends and that the lack of will to do so will ultimately result in MUCH GREATER VIOLENCE.

The "Ron Paul Campaign sellout of 2012" ended any chance of achieving the goal of liberty without violence. Glad to see your post has not received the kind of negative trashing all of mine did on the subject. NOT because I am seeking approval, but because we are now achieving a consensus and will be able to accomplish our goals with the minimal amount of violence. When governments witness a threshold of organized resistance, they inevitably stand down.

What we need to do

Is start holding law breakers accountable, even if they are in our own government, this is the only recourse that will save us.

Platoon leader of what?

Syrian rebels?

Good One

Video game platoon. We are awesome. I lead and have shown great virtual success. Only virtually though. My clan will beat your clan any day. ha.

Free Speech Is Not Illegal

Any law that violates our rights is, by definition, null and void. As long as one is not destroying property, or violating the rights of others, acting in self-defense, etc., then one is not doing anything illegal.

Which won't keep one out of jail.

But it is our right to ignore unconstitutional laws, and to act as free people (see Declaration of Independence).

Of course, disobedience should always be as civil as possible in order not to alienate bystanders and potential allies. Always be the one they think should be defended. And serve on juries!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

ONLY Civil Disobedience will win our Liberty back,

if we do it in mass quantity!!! The reason why civil disobedience is failing now is because NOT ENOUGH OF YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

The Pen

The Pen is Mightier then the sword. We must pick our battles and Demand the Government of the people PRINTS its own money backed by gold! NO F-EN FEDERAL RESERVE period!!!!!!! This is a war we the people could WIN and must put a all out effort to accomplish. This is something we could all be united in


That's my point, we, the people, have no power to demand. We are powerless, the first step would be civil disobedience.

Of the federal reserve, that's a great idea.

I can't help but notice

I can't help but notice that the title of this topic was changed from "only violence will solve this" to "only civil disobedience will solve this." Yet the first sentence says violence will solve it.

Any comment?

I abhor violence. That's why they power structure has been in power for so long---they don't abhor it. They relish in it. It's the only tool they can use at their disposal because we have truth on our side.

We don't need violence. We need ideas (which we have), truth (which we have), and influential speakers (which we're getting more of).

Resistance until we influence the masses is the best way we can win, in my opinion. Resist, speak out, resist, influence, resist, prepare for the worst, resist. Resist, resist, resist. We will win.

Big improvement!

Civil disobedience is readily accessible to American way of thinking and acceptable practice for individuals...the most non-violent means.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Michael changed it

Because he knows that people will write a page long comment in response to the title ONLY. I was not advocating violence. I was speaking of OUR blood being spilled.

Thanks for the reply

Thank you. That clarifies things.

I have never condoned violence, nor has the majority of anyone on this forum, as far as I can tell. That's one of the reasons I like this place. Like-minded people with differing opinions with (mostly) respectable ways to say it.

De nada

De nada

violence will happen

soon as segments of society are FEMA Kamped, others pillaging for
caloric intake, marauding heathen preying on innocents, rationing,
boot licking, loveless, treacherous scalawags seeking out the feeble
then we will get pissed and maybe just maybe resort to pledging our fortunes and sacred honor in order that the light of Liberty never
is extinguished or we will sit on the DP and notice ever so often that
so and so no longer participates. Maybe the flu or on vacation ( right) truth told the cat was guillotined at Kamp Mercy !
never forget the systematic removal of offensive souls the Krauts
fried. See the Pianist movie for a gripping and all too real reminder
of the Hellish intent the NWO operate with.
gullible's one thing, pure stupidity, well that's _____________ .

The Boats

Everybody hated the privileged East India Company and the taxed monopoly tea they were bringing to the colonies. More than a few local tea merchants were put out of business and were irate over arbitrary rigging of the market and the accompanying loss of investment and income. A target was selected that would meet with popular approval since this was to be mostly a propaganda act. An act of defiance. Of Vandalism. An action nonetheless... something that would no doubt bring some type of reaction. Criminal penalties didn't seem like a good idea nor did having the police show up at your house to arrest you. To avoid this, the men who stormed the boats covered their faces and dressed like Mohawks. It would be tough to know or especially prove who they were. Identities concealed, then small group of men stormed the boat and hauled all the tea overboard. Nobody was injured or hurt but plenty of tea was destroyed and it was all in harbor for everybody to see... and the king's government could not stop it and could not find the perpetrators.


The Constitution wasn't written the next day. The British didn't hold out their pinky fingers and cry over the spilled tea...

THEY KILLED PEOPLE. There was a revolution.

That's my point. That was civil disobedience. When it happened, the government cracked down, when they did, it got crazy, and people died.

You can't spin this. Violence leads to change.

I'm telling you all that if we really want to lead this, we have to stop complaining and be bold enough to be the ones willing to risk the penalties of civil disobedience.

Will anyone die, I don't know. But violence will happen and people will be hurt. It's not a wish, I don't want that and I know, strategically even that an assault on our government would not only be bad for our cause, but fruitless and a waste of life.


I think the original Boston Tea Party was a total act of violence. I believe it did not violate the non-aggression principle since it counts as defense even though it appeared to be an initiation of force. The real initiation of force was the tea laws which were totally against the free market had real negative effects on specific living people.

That said, the discussion should really be about what type of 'violence' will actually be useful. If goons are trying to abduct people in my neighborhood, I will defend them with force. I think most people would do that in those circumstances, or I'd like to believe. Prior to things getting that bad, there is simply a need for 'creative chaos' which draws attention.

What if patriots around the country simply went down to their local schools under cover of darkness and removed all the 'Gun Free' and/or 'Drug Free' signs from the school grounds? It is a form of violence. It is theft. But it is very purposeful and has a strong message and does not hurt any living soul. See? Think like this. Go to 'war' thinking like this and then the actions will be disobedient and have their intended effect.

I agree

However, as that escalates to the point of actual CHANGE...there will be violence. I'm not condoning it, just pointing out history. Power isn't going to change unless it's forced. I believe in liberty, peace. But you can't peacefully overcome this monster. It's gotta be FORCED. The friction will eventually build to violence on one side.

HELL, we had Ron Paul supporters attacked during the election last year for having a sign, and people here actually think there won't be violence. HAHAHA


Using Patrick Henry's 'lamps' of personal experience and history to judge the future does truly paint a bleak picture.

Street protests are totally played and ineffective. This much should be obvious by now.

We don't even have anything like the old Sons of Liberty. They were creatively disobedient. A little creativity can go a long way.

The right kind of mischief will rally people but the wrong kind will turn people off.

Media is the key element since perception has become so powerful in shaping real events.

Ofensive violence is stupid, insane,

wrong, tactics of bullies. A individual diecission to be free is the only thing that will win your freedom back. Stop acting like a debt slave, stop participating in debt slave jobs/money, stop buying poison foods and china made goods in debt slave corpoate stores.

Enlightened disengagment, withdraw your consent by action. These calls for violence are cowardly bs, usually somone who is an armchair quarterback calls for others to go out and fight while they screeme on the sidelines.

Feedome is an individual decission and an individual responsility. That said if attacked all bets are off. If a free person doesnt defend himself his family and neighbors what is the sense of freedom.


Why don't you start it by telling us who to boycott and how to

spread the word? Why don't you tell us which corporations and unions are buying off our representatives and how we can hurt their pocketbooks?

Tell us which stores to shop at, and which to pass by. Tell us which fast food places to eat at. What shoes to wear. What radio stations not to listen to ... Who to write letter to. Which cell phone providers are pro freedoms,.. and which are not...

are you a child that needs to be told such?

Sounds like you just dont get it. Bet you even upvote yourself. Who is US. Do you speak for a group or somthing. I have said what I said. The corps are owned by the same single entity. Why would you single out this one or that. The food supply has been poisoned in all corporate food stores, but you want a list. You want to be told. You just hate to be free to the extent that when I identify your life as that of a debt slave instead of taking action against your habits you villify me. I shake my head and wonder how you came up with that trash. How do you conclude im telling what shoe to wear?

Makes me just wonder. You got lost in your own head and put a whole bunch of your stupidity into your statements that have nothing to do with what I think, or what I posted.