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Ben Swann 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit - tonight @ 9 pm EDT

Send in your questions DailyPaulers!


Ben will be conducting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit. The event will take place June 26th from 9pm to 10pm EDT.

Ben’s Ask Me Anything will be held here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Libertarian/

See you there!



update: here's the link to the thread:

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Ben's producers

should totally make a rap gag reel. Maybe auto tune a 15 second rap for his daughter.

I liked all of the questions and answers, and thought "I can rap" (according to his daughter?) was the funniest. We need some silly amongst the un-silly. It keeps us sane (at least myself. I love reading silly threads here.) I liked the last gag reel.

This was I think a big coming out for Ben. I applaud it.

Best of luck to Ben. I wish him the best and wish I could contribute more, but I got a nasty letter on my door while my dad was in the hospital for a cardiac event.


Bump for Ben