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Ecuador Issues Travel Pass for Snowden

Via MarketWatch:

Ecuador's consul general in London has issued a "safe pass" document to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, allowing his travel to the South American country to seek asylum, Univision reported late Wednesday, posting a copy of the document on its website. The document itself doesn't constitute a granting of asylum, the report said, but rather acts as a travel document for Snowden to go to the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. Earlier Wednesday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez warned that if Ecuador grants safe haven to Snowden, it would "severely jeopardize" the preferential trade deal the country has with the U.S., and which is due to expire soon

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Why are our leaders

so thuggish?

Wonder why they didn't approve him to live

vs. issuing a travel pass to try and get permission to live their. Maybe there is some strategy behind this

Via con Dios,


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A safe pass??

I don't think so, because geographically I don't see how they can fly to Ecuador, let alone South America without going through some air spaces of either the United States or other countries that cooperate with the United States.

This is why I think Edward Snowden needs to push as hard as he can to get acceptance into Iceland. The WikiLeaks team and Edwards attorney need to advocate all the advantages, and all the positive reasons why Iceland can accept Edward Snowden into their culture. Accepting him into Iceland would only cement further into the minds of the world that Iceland is a freedom loving country, plus that they are a caring country.

He would be an IT elites' dream asset at understanding encryptions, etc. of the best communication systems out there today. He could help them go after the bad guys.

He also would be a good citizen of Iceland. He's already proven that he puts the country and its people above his own selfish interests. He risked his life, so that everybody else won't be spied on by the government. He has the very unusual and very uncommon quality called LOYALTY! I just cannot say enough about this young man. I beg you Iceland to please take Edward Snowden. The whole world is watching you and most people want Edward to go to Iceland, not Ecuador, mainly because of the criminal element there.

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Hopefully without screwing the pooch

Perhaps, get to the Ecuadorean embassy in Iceland? Wikileaks is helping -- why not join them physically?

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I was wondering how a person might give away encripted

information and not give them the 'key', but yet guarantee that the key would become available if something happened to the person.

I have no idea what Snowden has done, but it is possible that he has a communication set up and ready to go automatically, but stopping it requires a regular effort on his part (or someone else) to keep it being delayed.

If he disappears for long, all that information could be in the hands of many, knowing it's going to come out and all wanting to be the first.

If I've wondered about this walking my dog, I'll bet the NSA has given it some time as well.


just give the key to a few friends and say if i die give this to x.

he most likely has a "dead man switch" internet style

he most likely has a "dead man switch" internet style

somthing like an email service that will auto email a list of people in the event that he doesn't update the countdown timer.

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He has managed to outsmart

He has managed to outsmart everyone he's gone up against thus far, so I'd imagine he has backup after backup in case things don't go in his favor. Perhaps he sent all of his files to Greenwald in advance of his travel so he wouldn't have any info on his person that could be copied or stolen?

Menendez & His Girls

Integrity does matter since Menendez's escapades in the Dominican Republic make him a giant target for blackmail. Yes, indeed, scum rises to the top unfortunately.

Hopefully the government of Ecuador will simply ignore the increasingly shrill threats from the terminal patient in Washington, DC. The psychos in the District of Columbia should have been committed a long time ago.

Bet he

gets "lost" in the Amazon...sooner or later

"We are going to let the

"We are going to let the single issue of this one man stop trade dealings because he embarrassed us!" -US Government
Is it just me, or is the way the US government(and those people in it) acts is increasingly childish?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

VERY childish Virginian...

"Daddy" is gonna take away their allowance. Thing is, a lot of countries are waking up to the fact that US intervention in their countries transfers a lot of their land and wealth to multi-national corporations who team up the the US Government to exploit them. More and more are TRYING to get USAID to STOP...but the fascists in DC are forcing the people in power in other countries to accept the bribes or else the CIA jackels will be sent in.

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Read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"

The book explains exactly what you just said -- the bankers and industrial projectionists go in first, and if that doesn't work, the jackals, and if that doesn't work, war.

(Subject for audience, not necessarily yourself. :)

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I've read it TwelveOhOne

and I have listened to many interviews of John Perkins. That book contributed to my "awakening".