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Is Edward Snowden a Double Agent?

According to this article, the Edward Snowden Whistle Blower may in fact be a hoax and Snowden could be a Double Agent. After reading the story, it makes sense to me, what say you DP'ers?

(Written by the Anti-New York Times)

And the anti-Putin mania, now intensified by this phony Snowden operation, rolls on towards an ending that only the Globalist-Zionist script writers can know. With Snowden now in Russia, he is likely to be debriefed by Russian Intelligence. Is Edward Snowden (if that's even his real name) a disinfo agent, sent to feed the Russians false information? Is he there to pass on a sophisticated computer virus to the Chinese and Russians? Or, is the purpose of this phony operation solely to drive a deeper wedge between the U.S. and anti-war Russia?

We shall know soon enough. The question is, will the Russians (known as great chess players) smell the Zionist bullshit? Our hunch is that they already do, but aren't showing their cards! It is an interesting drama. But, like all dramas, it is staged.

Continue to the story here> http://tomatobubble.com/snowden_hoax.html

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Yes, he is a double agent. He worked for the U.S. government...

while at the same time working for the people.

His loyalties were divided. That makes him a double agent.

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BS meter is at full tilt

Yes you should question everything +++ for sure.

But my BS meter is at full tilt, because the op has no understanding of real history. Russians were controlled by the same Wall St. bankers since the bolshevik revolution began. That's 1917 to present day. The cold war was a farce. One group controlled both sides of the conflict since day one, and still control Russia today.

Could Ed Snowden be a double agent??? ppppft I doubt it. Could the media be using this story as a distraction from the immigration bill, yes i would agree with that completely.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Yes, my kittie agrees.

Snowden double crossed the Russian government and ratted on the American government instead.

Free includes debt-free!

Why do people insist to put ONE MAN on trial ...

And ignore what he exposed to millions of people?

Yes, what he exposed has been talked about by AJ and others for years, and Tice came out and had the support of Corbett.

But, Snowden had Greenwald, and now everyone wants to discredit him. Maybe Greewald too?

Why not focus on the evils of government? A government spying to coerce with Mafia tactics!

Why focus on Snowden?

BTW, I down voted this for the reasons above.

no hoax

The government lost way too much footing and inspired way too many leakers, just to allegedly plant a double agent. It's easy to be suspicious of everything. Mass media trying to re-direct focus to the man instead of the message is another proof of authenticity. And I think the only reason it got big was to gain control of the story since the Guardian already put it out. It wasn't the media handlers who wanted it to be a big story; they lost control. And yes, there have been whistleblowers without so much attention, but none had evidence until now. I firmly believe Snowden is the real deal, and I think he's a good role model. And I think we need to stand up for our own.

no he is not. he is simply really smart.

We're just not used to seeing that.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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At last...

people are beginning to smell a rat.

A Rat? Or the truth?

Jill, you have made a lot of good posts here and I appreciate your effort.

Check out my reply on this thread. Just for info.


Dear base1,

I am cautious of RT. It seems too good to be true that Russia eagerly em brasses the 'Truth" from the West, whilst all the while hiding the very same flaws in the Russian system.
I love Ben Swann....but I would love him more if he never appeared on RT again.

I love Ben Swann....but I would love him more if he never appear

Jill, you are servant of the world, and not the truth.

I don't care where I find the truth and I don't subscribe to any source as being the truth.

Jill, the facts are out there. Boil it down to personal liberty and you will find it.

Until you reach that point, you will just bounce around endlessly with no foundation.

Your thoughts are that of a collectivist, NWO type. And they are destined to failure.