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Morning Callers Hammer C-SPAN about 9/11 and Bldg 7...Again. Gotta Love it!

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Persistence is a virtue.

Lying and coverups are now. 9/11 is not going away. Thanks for putting this video together.

NPR's Neal Conan, on the last day of his show...

didn't want to hear it.

"During Thursday’s final broadcast of NPR’s Talk of the Nation, outgoing host Neal Conan hung up on a caller from Florida who questioned the U.S. Government’s official explanation for the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11, 2001.


4:36, her eyes went from .,.

4:36, her eyes went from .,. to O,O
Great stuff

Southern Agrarian

does my heart


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Fantastic Stuff Here!

I never get bored of these calls. In the event they're reading this message - thank you to whoever put that video (and others like it) together!

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Host introducing Jim Hynes at 11:26

At 11:36, "and he also worked for Goldman-Sachs before coming over to Congress--" (oops) "getting elected to Congress."

He let slip what we all know: it's a revolving door between banking and government.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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What a load of 5417

I mean seriously??? "The investigation into 9/11 was one of the most comprehensive investigations I have ever seen." He lost family members? Who in the h3ll does he think he is kidding?

Building 7 wasn't even mentioned in the NIST report!!!!!!!! No mention of thermite, much less nano-thermite! No mention of the fact that the same people in charge of security at the airports where the planes left from were the same as the people running security at the world trade center. No explanation of why it was never mentioned that the computer survelance systems in wtc were down the week prior to the planes colliding. No explanation of the weeks of molten metal that pooled from the collapse. No explanation of how they knew who took control of the planes. No explanation on how our very capable air defenses were apparently out to lunch even though it came out that many people knew the planes were off course. No explanation how some guys who just learned how to fly could manage the complicated maneuvers needed to connect with the world trade centers... No explanation on how we found the wallet of terrorists but couldn't find the indestructible black box for the planes flight data. No explanation of how fire could have possibly ever have melted industrial grade steel (tests have been done where jet fuel burned steel for hours and hours and hours, but no integrity was lost). No explanation of how CNN predicted the collapse of bldg 7 before it happened. No explanation of how the only 3 steel structured buildings in history to collapse due to fire all did so in the same day and in their own footprint. Yea, very complete indeed. I can smell this lie like a fart in a car.

At the very fucking least have the decency to not answer. Your lies are only equaled by your evilness you scumbag. These people need to be held accountable and a real investigation needs to be done... Instead you sell us on fear, instead you give us the patriot act, instead you fill your pockets with the American taxpayers dollars, instead you spy on us rather than the supposed enemy you conjured. Instead you take the good virtues of the american people and turn them into an angry mob ready to murder those with dark skin. Instead you take the youthful sons and now daughters of this once proud nation and send them to their deaths for you political and monetary gains. As the sickening words of GW Bush once said, you are either with us or against us.... with your lies, we know where you stand.

If and when the investigation does point inward as the cause, i hope we take those responsible, take half of em and arm them with unloaded weapons and air drop the lot of em into a war torn province of Iraq with the words "I MADE YOU SUFFER, I MADE YOUR GOD MY ENEMY FOR PROFIT, I AM GUILTY." emblazoned on their uniforms. The other half gets stripped naked tied to a post at ground zero with a sign over the area saying "Here is the site where I betrayed my people, I sent the brave to their deaths so I could could manipulate the rest of you and this is where I lost my soul."... All who lost a loved one get a complimentary whip, and yes firefighters and police involved and suffering do get to attend. They can choose straws to see which fate is theirs.

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Excellent comment, authentic. Here's some more.

1. The eyewitnesses never interviewed: William Rodriguez, Barry Jennings, etc.
2. Why did Cheney order NARAD to stand-down?
3. Subpoena to obtain the confiscated Pentagon videos.
4. Why were E4Bs flying over NY City and Washington, D.C.?
5. Why were the beams of these buildings cut at 45 degree angles?
6. Why did Bush and Rice say that no one could have foreseen such a terrorist attack happening when the military was practicing the very same scenarios a year before 9/11?
7. Who knew that 4 separate training simulation exercises were occurring on the day of 9/11, since that knowledge delayed and confused our response?
8. Who put out the information that Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 within hours after this attack?
10. Why was the $100,000 money trail from Sheik Syed not pursued further?
11. Who placed the "puts" on the Airline stocks?
12. Where did the $2.3T of non-trackable DoD funds go?

Where Are the Black Boxes?



"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

You forgot...


and the fact that an Israeli

and the fact that an Israeli front company was doing unauthorized repairs to the Wtc at least a week before 9/11. And several Israeli Americans did report receiving warnings to avoid the Towers via tge Odigo Messaging Service.




Sounds like a blast.

I was having a great time until:

"[...] America is not known, nor should it be ever known for targeting people's political views."

Thanks, Rep. Perry. Good to see politicians still taking my money while lying to my face at the same time. You give us hope, Sir.

Cowards. All of them.

At least Dr. Paul had the intestinal fortitude to ask for another investigation.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.



This is wonderful...

I love when the hosts visibly look aggravated.

Persistence and patience define character

Loved every minute of it!!!

Beautifully done folks!


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A perfect addition

to my midnight snack.

Keep on keeping on!




Good times. Good times.

Good times. Good times.


Nice job all! High five to all those callers. At the very least it got more people to google, learn, and hopefully finally wake up!

Sounds like people who were unaware are finally starting

to listen to the callers and ask the question themselves. Love it!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I think the curtain is finally being lifted

Just too Good!
badest bunch of truthers around.

Holding their peticured tosies to the fire - its about time!
9 mins in and really can't believe how good this is. this is a Great Find

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

watching worms



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