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Not For Sale? We'll Just Steal It.

It is no shock to me about the recent federal spying by the NSA. I have suspected of this for years, and now that there is finally light on the government spying on millions of Americans, I am not quite sure what to think. Should I be glad that there is light shining on the government's dark secrets allowing for more Americans to see the truth, or outraged that what some "paranoid" libertarians were thinking was actually happening right under our noses?

I'm sure that most of you will remember the Oaklahoma state convention last year. Suriyahfish leading the crowd in the parking lot to a Not for sale chant. That all echoed in my head when I first heard of the mews . It has come crystal clear to me now what is on the D.C. agenda. If our liberties are not for sale, then Big Brother will do anything to get themselves a five finger discount. The acts of terror on Americans in the last twenty years has been nothing but sweet leverage for the lawmakers in Washington D.C to strip away our freedoms for false security and this recent news outbreak against the NSA is a great example of what our founders feared. The republic continues to falter and the constitution continues to be shredded. I know the Ron Paul Revolution will continue to grow and we are all now stronger than ever. Let's take back our liberties!

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