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NSA listening to family's phone calls

This is from 2008 but it is fresh in my mind as we live 20 miles from Augusta, GA and this was big news for a short time when it was reported. In light of recent news, it needs to be discussed.

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Hang yourself

The NSA is hanging themselves and they seem to NOT know or just plain doesn't care.
All this monitoring and recording of everyone's business means they are also doing this to themselves, their spouses, children, grandchildren, etc.
How do you know all this will not be "revealed" at some point in the future?
You are hanging yourself because YOU are included with EVERYONE.
So stupid to sell your countrymen, heritage, relatives, and the CONSTITUTION...
just so you can work at a modern high-tech spy network somewhere in UTAH.
So Sad and stupid for you to believe you have immunity because you work for the system.


What can *we* do but bump?

They did it, the wretches!

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