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Silver At Less Than 19 Dollars An Ounce? Are You Kidding Me?

From the DOC:

The day that silver traders have been waiting for has arrived. On Wednesday, the price of silver dropped another 5 percent. As I write this, it is sitting at $18.55 an ounce. On Wednesday it hit a low that had not been seen in three years. Overall, the price of silver has declined by 34 percent this quarter. That is the largest quarterly move in the price of silver in more than 30 years. So what does all of this mean? It means that we are looking at a historic buying opportunity for those that are interested in silver. Yes, gold is undervalued right now as well, but it is absolutely ridiculous how low the price of silver is. At the moment, the price of gold is about 66 times higher than the price of silver is. But they come out of the ground at about a 9 to 1 ratio, and unlike gold, silver is used up in thousands of common consumer products. Those that want to invest in silver should be shouting for joy that prices have fallen this low.
If you have been waiting and waiting and waiting to “load the boat”, your moment has arrived.

Must read full article here:

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If you evaluate value with paper coupons, who knows what's real.

What commodities ore undervalued in relation to other commodities.

$FRN is overvalued in relation to all commodities.

They double the paper money supply every 7 years or so. But it's hidden, or sent overseas, or pumped in and sucked out to fool us quarter by quarter.

Free includes debt-free!

A huge problem with the metal

A huge problem with the metal market is that half the transaction requires using FRN. Half the transaction requires using a dollar that you have to labor to obtain while others get to print it. How are you ever going to win that game? They have been proving how easy they can manipulate the market. Demand at highs yet the price continues to drop.


Agreed. Silver is the much better buy right now. Dollar price means nothing, just look at ratios of one thing to another. Gold is cheap compared to oil right now. Silver is cheap compared to gold.

I'll Take a Chance

on waiting for $10-12. If it doesn't happen, there are other fish in the ocean. I'm sure if it's bought now it'll still be a good investment, in time.