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The Republic is Dead! I wonder when it will be official.

When the supreme court struck down proposition 8 they let the country know who is boss. Whether or not you agree with the morality of gay marriage or the recognition of gay marriage by the state or federal government is irrelevant. Prop 8 was passed as an commandment of the constitution in the state of California, and the supreme court along with many federal courts of appeals overturned a constitutional amendment that was passed legally, simply because it was their whim. If we were a republic the supreme court could never change law, but instead could only rule on individual cases based on the law as it is written. If we were a democracy (like many Americans say) then 9 judges could not overturn a law that was passed with the majority of the people. The truth is that our country is now an oligarchy. Why is it that no matter what side of an issue that you are on when that issue goes before those 9 people you fear what those 9 people say. It is because those 9 are the supreme rulers of America, they can pass law at a whim, and do. The only way to change a supreme court justice in your "favor" (as many people are talking about today) is wait for one of them to die, and hope that you have the "right" president and that congress lets the "right" person be one of the supreme rulers of the land. Ding dong the republic is dead, ring the bells in mourning, what has risen in her place is an oligarchy ruled by 9. I weep for my country, long dead, and fear for my people, and how they will react once they figure out their country is dead.

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The essential objective is

The essential objective is more liberty, and whether the federal government strikes down oppressive state laws or whether state governments refuse to uphold oppressive federal laws, when either happens, as happened here, it's a good thing.

I agree that the federal govt has far overreached it's constitutional authority and also that the nullification movement holds great promise for increasing liberty, but don't forget that state govts can be just as oppressive as the Feds.

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The 14th Amendment gives

The 14th Amendment gives federal citizens (more commonly known as US citizens) protections superior to state's laws. It was for this very reason that the 14th Amendment was written, to TAKE AWAY state's rights over people. It started out as preventing the "Black codes", but clearly reading the proponents of the 14th amendment, it was not to be limited to such. The federal state has superior authority over federal citizens, the state's authority over federal citizens is secondary.

Certainly you are correct, the Republic is dead. But it didn't die this year, it died in 1868.

These justices are merely ruling on the law. And they ruled correctly, the states cannot deprive FEDERAL CITIZENS of rights the FEDERAL STATE allows them. The only way to change these judges ruling is by abolishing the 14th amendment, abolishing Federal citizenship.

"...No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States..."

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You are not realizing that this strike down is good

Not necessarily good coming from the corrupt SCOTUS but from a law point of view.

What if 70% of the people made a Constitutional amendment to make the 99% slaves who had to pay to work for the bankers? Would that "Constitutional amendment" be lawful?

Mark Dice has clearly demonstrated that the mindless masses cannot be trusted with upholding and protecting ALL Law.

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what if the 9 scotus

decide we should all become slaves?

Personally I am not defending the way things are done in california, I like that each state in the union can make laws a little different I think that is a good thing, what I am saying is that no matter what 9 people should not be able to willy nilly change the fate of the nation.

It is inherently dangerous that the scotus can and do change things on a whim. If the people can not change things peacably then they will change things violently.

I agree

. Our law explicitly states that courts never had any authority over Juries. Juries only have access interpretation to a valid cause of action(true bill). The whole entire system is broken because We the People do not know the law anymore. The court and the legislature never had any authority to make any of the decisions made. This is because We the People have completely failed to even know what law actually is.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

bump for discussion

I would like to say again the problem is not necessarily the gay marriage being made legal here, the problem is that 9 people (well 5 of the 9) made the decision, overturning a constitutional amendment. May the day of this oligarchy be short, and may a new republic arise.

I agree--

and I am one who believes that marriage should be strictly a religious 'institution', not licensed by government--

But you are correct; the supreme court and the executive branch and the congress, joined by the CIA, FBI, etc.--

have pretty much destroyed the nation.

What is left?

A lot of confused people. Some who know it has happened; some who don't, but most who are confused.

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