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Secret Recording of Bankers Joking About Bailouts (Audio)

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As damning as this is,

and I think these guys should stand trial, think of every private conversation in the US stored in that concentrated Utah blackmail facility.

Do you mean...

that their entire stockpile of archived information on us is "centralized" into a single location? ...one that requires people, power and protections to operate? Is that the one?

Who knows?

It must take a lot of power to store billions of communications every day. Would have to be a Google-sized facility wouldn't it?


they subtitled it too.

Check out the play list if you haven't.


That will hurt someone..


I try to change people every day. Do You?

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Someone needs to remix this and put it into better context

for the average person out there. Then it can be equated to how all major banking around the world is done.