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As I Spew Coffee -Jeb Bush to give Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush will present Hillary Clinton with the 2013 Liberty Medal this fall in Philadelphia.

It could be an awkward encounter for the two, both of whom are mentioned as 2016 presidential nominees for their respective parties.

Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida, is chairman of the National Constitution Center, which is giving Clinton the award in honor of her career in public service and her advocacy efforts on behalf of women.

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every news bit resembles The Onion

Seriously, every news bit these days resembles The Onion.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

If you only knew what a terrible day I had...

It was not a blow out day, no bombs dropped on me, just a series of small things starting with discovering that I forgot my wallet as I arrived at work. Then trying to find a coffee, smashing my hands and elbows several times. Nothing working at work, things missing, incorrect or just generally SNAFUED...and now that I got home, other people are dumping their problems on me.

Thanks for the chuckle...It was my first good laugh for the day.