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Senate approves AMNESTY Bill, Dead on Arrival in House of Representatives

This monstrosity of Bill is now Dead on Arrival in the House of Representatives.

Boehner said he will not bring Senate Bill to the floor.


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The bill is far from "dead on

The bill is far from "dead on arrival" in the house. I remember how after the Boston bombing, when the attack turned out to be from an immigrant, people said the immigration bill was dead in the senate. Needless to say, it wasn't. It is a horrible bill but the same elites who got it through the senate will twist arms to get it through the congress.

Also, if someone has the

Also, if someone has the time, please post the results of the Senate's vote on this bill in this thread or other pertinent thread. These 68 senators need to held accountable for their reckless exposure ...

If you bothered reading the bill...

....it's a national id bill.

The "border security" part of it is that once there are national ids, they can amnesty people and "know who is supposed to be here" via the national id database.

The more you look at that

The more you look at that bill, the more bad things you'll see in it. Illegal aliens awaiting their pathway to citizenship get "RPI status" (registered provisional immigrant). The bill actually provides a strong financial incentive for businesses to hire RPIs over American citizens and legal immigrants with work visas. Why? Because RPI employees are not subject to Obamacare. If a business with over 100 employees wants to hire someone it normally has to either provide that person with government approved health insurance or pay the Obamacare penalty, which is $3000 (about $5000 after taxes). But RPI status employees are exempt -- a business doesn't have to provide them with health care insurance, and doesn't have to pay the Obamacare penalty.

So a company can save thousands of dollars per employee by hiring illegal immigrants rather than American citizens or legal immigrants. Every Democratic senator voted for this bill. Remember that the next time somebody tells you that Democrats care about the ordinary American worker.

See https://www.numbersusa.com/content/nusablog/cchmielenski/jun...

John Boehner is a liar ...

... never forget that. Remember how he helped to screw Ron Paul during the convention? Remember how he talked tough on spending cuts and debt ceilings and so many other empty promises?

You have to parse Boehner's words. He can take the Senate bill to conference and issue a "conference report," and that can then be taken to the floor (it's not a "bill") and then it can go to a joint committee and eventually that can be passed by House and Senate. When he says "this bill" won't go to the floor, he is NOT saying he will not bring ANYTHING to to floor.

This bill (or any derivative of it) has 3 things about it to remember:

(1) No border security, only cheap talk,

(2) Immediate defacto amnesty for illegal aliens AND their family members, which means no more border security because anyone crossing illegally can just claim to be a family member, and

(3) A new national database for YOU and all Americans that will be a way of requiring people to get government permission to get a job or open a bank account.

Boehner is an alcoholic that

Boehner is an alcoholic that would likely sell his soul for the nearest bar. I, too, don't trust him. Keep the heat on our "representatives" until they listen and act IAW the wishes of their constituents, not special interests sobbing in the gallery of the House of Representatives. This immigration bill is really dangerous, even more so than the UnPatriot Act.

oh I know

Boehner is a liar, but he has 100 + congressmen saying if he brings up the Senate bill, he is out.

This is what the speaker actually said in the article:

House Speaker John Boehner, who says both chambers should act on immigration, declined to say Thursday how his caucus would proceed.

"We're going to go home for the recess next week and listen to our constituents," he said. "And when we get back, we're going to ... have a discussion about the way forward."

So it is time to get out to your town hall meetings for your congress person and Raise some hell. (dissent)

Its not time to go to sleep assuming that congress wont bring the bill to the floor.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

actually here is Boehner's quote

early this morning

Speaker Boehner says the House will only vote on immigration legislation that's moved through committee and reflects the "will of our majority." He says the House is not going to "take up and vote on whatever the Senate passes."

But I agree get to screaming at those house member now.