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Encouraging signs

Drudge had some headlines that caught my eye this morning (Thursday, Jan 24).

"Giuliani slips to 3rd in Florida."
"Huckabee alienates GOP in Arkansas"
"Romney an outcast within his own party"
"Super Tuesday won't decide nominations"

Didn't read the stories, but didn't need to. What we are seeing is the gradual deterioration of the other candidates. With the departure of Thompson and Hunter, the others have come under scrutiny and have drawn fire from the media and others. Huckabee will be out of cash fairly soon, so it is unlikely he will manage to continue much past Feb 5th (Super Tuesday). Katie Couric was taped saying "Giulini is dead. Dead." (She's a lightweight, but many believe her).

With the markets and the dollar going berserk Ron Paul's message is all the more important and necessary. The financial community is aware of his acumen and this is good.

Just as a smart jockey will keep the horse in the pack until the clubhouse turn, Ron Paul has - thanks to the loyal supporters - found himself in a very good position. We have all seen horses dash out of the gate and lead the pack for a time, only to fizzle out. That has happened with Giuliani, is likely to happen with Romney and is happening with Huckabee. McCain is the only serious contender in the GOP at the moment. However, his pro-war position and amnesty flip-flops and horrendous ego will eventually topple him. This will leave the field clear for RP.

And, even if RP does not pick up a lot of delegates in Florida or Super Tuesday, the convention will be brokered. This is a good thing, esp if RP supporters become delegates. One thing can be said for Ron Paul supporters: they (we) are the most dedicated, persistent and hard-working group - ever. The Establishment is, frankly, worried about the towering support: they can't stop it. This is all good news.

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what you are seeing is some

what you are seeing is some cfr bull. drudge is on board with those lackies and their propping up mccain. someone should be watchong his contributions very closely. I'm sure mitt's got that covered.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."- JFK

I heard that we need to get 1st in 5 states...

to be able to go to the national convention. Any thoughts.

Good work

Thanks for the uplifting article!

1st good blog all day i was starting to wonder ?

you need to start doing more topics and keep em coming your message is the real message.Not ??????ing every little crappy detail about speculation and assumptions! keep it up GENERAL ZENPIPER!

This is a strange primary cycle

The normal rules don't seem to be working this time around. We have what is normally a big one or two battle primary that has turned into a war of attrition instead. Nobody has been able to break into true frontrunner status, and many of the campaigns are very weak on funding.

Conventional wisdom has its place, but not this time around. The rules have changed - actually, there are no rules right now.

In a multi-player campaign of attrition, the frontrunners end up fighting and weakening each other until enough drop out that it becomes a 3-way race. I can't see Giuliani and Huckabee lasting much longer for fiscal reasons, and in Giuliani's case the drop from "candidate apparent" to also-ran is probably fatal to his campaign effort. He's lost his inevitability, and the negatives are now being paid attention to by conservatives.

McCain has sympathetic treatment by the press and enough momentum and tenacity to hang in. Romney has a boatload of personal cash, and will outspend McCain big time. But his attacks will have to be focused on McCain, not Paul. Attacking both dilutes the effect and makes him look bad.

It's an interesting dynamic at work here, and we are just going to have to watch how things play out.

Florida is

a winner takes all state, thus only the winner gets ALL the Florida delegates (like with Michigan). If we can win MAINE or a strong second, it could mean a lot and boost our performance on Super Tuesday more. I read that the Reform Party under Ross Perot fared very well there and one could argue (although Perot endorsed Romney) many of Reform Party type supporters would love Ron Paul, plus with Kuchinich out of the race, the anti-war and anti-Patriot Act (pro civil liberties) faction in the Democratic Party has no voice...we could pick up some more Democratic votes. (Obama voted with Cinton on the war and the Patriot Act and Obama supports pre-emptive strikes as well).


Im trying to spread this out. We should combine Ron Paul for President with Free Hugs. So people can see us for who we really are: accepting and full of love and hope, instead of painting us as hate mongering bigots!!

good news...good news

good news...good news

We are winning!

Stay the course, make corrections when needed, make them do honest vote counts and above all walk those precincts! Great post!

Another great sign, is that

Another great sign, is that RP puts out a complete plan to stimulate the economy and NO ONE refutes it! No one mentions it! I guess no one can find anything BAD to say about it!!!!!!!!

even got major press!

at least two major press interviews for Ron after last Tues. market melt down. I thought very interesting they seemed to immediately go to him! Didn't see ANY other candidates being asked opinions.

Encouraging Thoughts!!

Good post! We all need to stay positive, tackle our shortfalls, ie daily donations at the moment and most of all CANVAS LIKE DEMONS THIS WEEKEND!!!!

YES! Hit the streets like your life depends on it!

Ron Paul we need you here in Illinois too!

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Thanks for the links verifying your legitimacy!

thanks man

that's what i needed to hear!

We without a doubt

Have the most devoted ground support of all the candidates.

Previously known as DCALIFANO

Previously known as DCALIFANO

Well Said

Very well said - thanks.

Detective Krum Investigates:

And, speaking of signs...


PLEASE, especially if you live in the southeast, click this thread!!!

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