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FDA, Fluoride, And the Fight for Clean Water in Connecticut

Connecticut Lawmaker Senator Joe Markley is arguing against what many in his community claim is a complete violation of their health rights: state water fluoridation.

In a public hearing, the Connecticut Lawmaker invited members of the community, government, and experts in the field of water fluoridation and health. The consensus was that water should be water, and not altered with additives that have health effects and constitute the government diagnosing and treating an entire population by group, instead of by individual, which can have serious health implications and would be illegal in the private sector without consent.

Despite the point of diagnosing and treating an entire population without assessing individual health and statistics, some lawmakers and experts argued that fluoride is perfectly safe, ignoring the argument of whether there is authority to add it to the public water supply.

The topic of water fluoridation is growing more and more controversial, with law suits and court cases appearing around the country, such as the battle going on in 2 North Carolina counties.

The case against the FDA, Fluoride, and state governments adding fluoride to water seems to revolve around 4 questions...


FULL ARTICLE: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/06/27/fda-fluoride-and-th...

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