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What Freedom?

Free to be molested by the TSA at the airport?
Free to play a game of poker online?
Free to marry a member of the same sex?
Free to have privacy invaded without a valid warrant?
Free to be targeted and harassed by the IRS?
Free to use alternative currencies?
Free to blow the whistle on unconstitutional government actions?
Free to keep the fruits of your labor?
Free to be deemed an “enemy combatant” and killed without due process via drone?
Free to drink raw milk?
Free to grow and use natural herbs?
Free to have a mother decide whether to bear a child?
Free to bailout “too big to fail” banks and corporations?
Free to award illegal aliens with amnesty and welfare?
Free to have the Internet remain unregulated?
Free to openly carry a firearm?
Free to travel without checkpoints?
Free to have wealth stolen through a printing press?
Free to run a business as you see fit?
Free to buy compulsory government-run health insurance?
Free to be subject to a secret kill list?
Free to pay interest on a debt that can never be repaid?
Free to rot in prison for a victimless crime?
Free to have local policies dictated by federal bureaucrats thousands of miles away?
Free to have the Bill of Rights and Constitution made irrelevant?
Free to...

This is more or less a rant after hearing another media pundit talk about the troops overseas "fighting for our freedoms." Of course we know our troops are being brainwashed and exploited to serve various special interests (which REALLY pisses me off). BRING THE TROOPS HOME AND DEFEND OUR BORDERS. I apologize for leaving out hundreds of other so-called freedoms we share here in Amerika.

“Democracy is a con game. It’s a word invented to placate people to make them accept a given institution. All institutions sing, ‘We are free.’ The minute you hear ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, watch out… because in a truly free nation, no one has to tell you you’re free.” - Jacque Fresco

Peace, Love, and Respect.

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Great list except one

You have the right to life, but a baby that hasn't exited the mother does not, that's up to the mother, who does have the right to live. Hmmm

That is what i was implying

That is what i was implying -- that the mother should have the right to choose (although this is a point at issue amongst people in the liberty movement). This is a right under assault from the likes of religious extremists like Frothy The Clown.

I disagree

There are plenty of people I know who aren't religious at all, but they believe the baby is a human life that should live, and no person should decide if the baby lives or dies. I believe that, with some exception, like incest, rape or if the mothers life is in danger.

Thanks! I'm going to use as my flier for today!