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Does Anyone Watch "Breaking Bad"?

Apparently the creator of Breaking Bad is Vince Gilligan. Interestingly, though, he was involved in the TV show plot below about planes flying into the WTC. The show below aired 6 months prior to 9/11 though. From what I've read, Vince Gilligan denied he had any advanced knowledge of 9/11 and said that he thought of it as a target because of the 1993 WTC bombing.

At the very least, it's a crazy coincidence.

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Here is the Ron Paul blip!



I had to find that clip and send it to desteryzed way back cuz he is a big BB fan. Pay attention when you hit :47.

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The show is amazing. The acting is amazing the writing is amazing the cinematography etc etc...

They are FINALLY coming out with the last 8 episodes soon which will be the final conclusion. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to start a new series you won't be disappointed.

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that and DEADWOOD have certainly raised the bar on cable series.

It's good, but I find it got

It's good, but I find it got too far-fetched that some nerdy family-man science teacher becomes a murderous drug lord.

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I see what you're saying but you have to remember the time frame. That transition didn't happen over night. The show is about desperation, actions and consequences for those actions. I actually found it to be one of the more realistic shows out there- but to each his own. I'm glad you watched it anyways

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I just don't find the

I just don't find the character of Walt realistic. No one in real life would just turn into some cold-blooded killer like he turns into. I don't find it realistic that he took down a kingpin who was a lifelong criminal and much smarter than Walt. I also don't find the fact that the DEA is so ignorant for that long realistic. But it's TV and has to be entertaining. If I want to be entertained, I want something to be so far from reality that I know it's not even trying. Seeing as how the roles Bryan Cranston has played before have ALL been comedic, with the sprinklings here and there of bit parts in movies that were serious (Saving Private Ryan), makes it that much harder to take Walter White as a character seriously. Cranston is a funny man, and the whole bald thing with nerd glasses just can't come across as badass no matter how cold-blooded the writers try to make his actions, i.e., Cranston was the wrong actor for the role.

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Did you see the episode(s)

Did you see the episode(s) where they flash RON PAUL bumper stickers? http://www.infowars.com/amcs-breaking-bad-depicts-meth-villa...

Yeah I did!

I watch it online or ILL from my library. No TV here.

I saw it and I was glad I was watching a download cuz I was like WHOA!
So I went back and watched it again and sure enough there it was - when he was going through the notes - the little Ron Paul sticker.

Blew me away! I'm thinking I really like Vince Gilligan. :)

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Came here to mention this!

I remember seeing that, I got really excited probably too excited in hindsight.

I remember that

Poor Gale. He was one of the few good-hearted people on the show.

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Agree, I wouldnt call him a

Agree, I wouldnt call him a 'meth villian'. But who knows what the producer intended to convey with that...

Some people claim that

Some people claim that intelligence agencies reach out to creators of shows like this and give them ideas...

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I saw on that dumb show pawn

I saw on that dumb show pawn stars some lady came in and sold them old pics and scripts from her father who was a director that made films with story lines given to them by the government. I 100% believed they did this stuff and then i saw this on one of our dumbing down tv shows and it just confirmed my suspicions.

I've never actually watched

I've never actually watched that. I saw it like I see all of the other garbage when I visit a friend or relatives' house, and it looked stupid. All reality TV looks stupid to me, and at a point, I think people get use to the cameras and make their lives be entertaining on purpose for the sake of the cameras (their personalities become fake).

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That is true

Also, many ex-spies and government officials are hired by writers and producers.

I do not watch TV in general. I download episodes and movies online then watch them on the big TV. Two programs I highly recommend are Person of Interest and Burn Notice. Just by watching those two series alone you can understand how the US Government works.

Edit: Also Scandal.

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Thanks for recommending some

Thanks for recommending some shows. There is just too much content to download/rip! I only have so much space...

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I read that he got his start

by sending in a script for an X files episode. He was working through an agent. I have been curious on his background as well, especially in light of that guy in the Obama admin who went from fiction writer to intelligence adviser and is only 30 years old.

I like Breaking Bad, but it has gotten pretty dark - I'm looking forward to the story being over.