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Texan Teen Jailed After Making Sarcastic Threat In Facebook Comment


Just wondering what everyone's take on this is? This appears to be a clear violation of his rights guaranteed by the sixth and first amendments.

Namely, I've been told that his right to a speedy trial hasn't been violated due to a four part test and that he's only been incarcerated for four months, is this true?

If so, I'd think that his right to free speech has clearly been violated, unless this falls under one of the exceptions to free speech that the SCOTUS has ruled on?

Any constitutional experts want to chime in? Trying to make the case for the violations of the first and sixth amendment here if they have indeed been violated.

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Someone should eat the still

Someone should eat the still beating heart of the woman who reported it.

I Hope Everyone Signs The Change.org Petition

He wrote "just kidding' and never should have been arrested.

Doug Casey describes the government well: "busybodies."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Sounds like they used a practically universal qualifier

To decide whether to charge him.

A woman in Canada who came across the boy's post failed to see the humor, however, and alerted police after Internet research revealed Carter, who was 18 at the time of the incident, lived near an elementary school

Who the hell in this country doesn't live near an elementary school?

trying to make "us" afraid--

*we* have to fight that fear--

can't let them win--

it's pervasive, though--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


He's 19, he's an adult, terroristic threats carry up to 8 years in prison, which makes it a felony...was there a bail hearing? Unless he's actually murdered someone (there's no bail) or he's a flight risk, why hasn't he been granted bail? If he has been granted bail, is his bail too high? Why has be spent 4 months in jail?

This might infringe on the 8th amendment. More information is needed.

Do you think anyone realizes how the school system is at fault?

They never taught the kid the law of the land. They never told him he wasn't allowed to joke about committing crimes.

They never taught him how to shut up so he could stay out of jail.

They fed him propaganda so he didn't realize he's living in a police state.

And this is the result.

Wow. If they are doing this

If they are doing this for things originating from comments within LoL, or WoW, or any other online game then we really are in a police state. My experience in WoW is that some people can really go off, but for sarcasm? Who actually took him serious.

Southern Agrarian

yes . . .

a police state.

Yesterday we were driving on a 'country' road--

going the speed limit; we're 'old'--

the one at the wheel signaled and turned off, because we had mistakenly gone past our turn off (to get some garden supplies)--

immediately there was a local police right there, pulling up beside us, asking, "is everything all right?"--

Is everything all right?

The one at the wheel said, "I just missed my turn"--

We felt subdued--

He did go on ahead; maybe he was trying to help, but we didn't need his help--

we are two responsible adults, driving a fully functioning car and breaking no rules--

why did he ask if we needed help?

Yes, we are in a police state--

I have felt chilled since then. It was a small thing, but I didn't like the 'we are always here, watching you' feeling I got--

neither did my spouse, and we find ourselves wondering what was really going on--

We didn't need help; it was maybe 1 second from the time we pulled off until he was pulled up beside us--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

what about chatting

what about people chatting on facebook about killing someone in a game? why is that illegal? why aren't people who write books and movies thrown in jail? hmmm... questions... questions..

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Seems like the digital world

Seems like the digital world is the low hanging fruit to prosecute.

Southern Agrarian