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Bestiality, is there a victim?

Ok, it's out there so we might as well reason it out. Bestiality. First, in a libertarian society should the government be authorized to restrict its practice? Is there a victim? If so, is it a legitimate argument for the government's restricting of homosexual marriage?

A friend of mine brings up a good point with regard to the logic of this argument. If we allow people to carry guns, should we allow gorillas to carry them too? Should Toonsis the cat really be denied the "privilege" of driving?

Sure, bestiality is disgusting, I'm not arguing that, I think homosexual sex is disgusting as well. But should the state prohibit these activities with violence?

Maybe the thing to do would be to flip the argument. If homosexual marriage was already not illegal, What if we promoted a law outlawing bestiality and inter-species marriage? Would the homosexual community argue against it because it was a slippery slope to outlawing gay relationships and marriage? Would anarchist and libertarians protest at the capital steps to protect the freedoms of animal lovers?

Rand Paul is at least attempting to validate the slippery slope argument apparently, although I think (hope) he was just placating the blue hairs...


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Guess what? The GOP controls the Libertarian Party and that's why Ron was a Libertarian for all of 6 months. I was a Libertarian at that time, and like many Libertarians, I fought against REPUBLICAN Ron Paul's Libertarian nomination. Gary Johnson is back in the GOP, as is Bob Barr. Wonder who the next Republican =the Libertarian Party will nominate? The Libertarian Party is INFILTRAITED and controlled by the GOP.

Do what you want.

Gary Johnson is promoting the LP through his our America initiat

Bob Barry is nothing but a neocon piece of garbage.

please read


I am using my cell to as a computer and I have spell check on it and it automatically repelled words that it thinks is wrong if I don't catch it. I know it was Bob Barr not Bary

De nada

just ask anyone here.. I'm the absolute worst speller on DP.

Have a great day: DO WHAT YOU WANT!

The problem is a lack of morals in this country

There was a time several decades ago when we as Americans were strongly Christian believers. Now, we are a pagan society that condones everything, and everything is in the gray area.

The word "homosexual" didn't even exist in those days. The term "queer" was the term used for people who were homosexual. The term "queer" fit because it was odd behavior, and abnormal. It STILL is abnormal, no matter what the obsessed population control people say in Congress.

Right on.

Right on.


I don't know, but eew.