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Tonight - Two Hours with TMOT!

On tonight's episode of Paradigm Shift we will be joined for the full two hour show by The Minister Of Truth himself, Derrick Grayson.

Derrick Grayson, famous for his TMOT Drive Time Reports on youtube, is running for U.S. Senate. http://www.grayson2014.com/

I am looking forward to having him on and it should be a great show!

Listen here tonight from 9pm-11pm CST: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paradigm_shift/2013/06/29/parad...

Call in at (347) 850-1375

It should be a fun two hours!

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Thanks for posting!

Derrick Grayson, The Minister

Derrick Grayson, The Minister of Truth, better known as TMOT joins us for 2hrs!


Shameless self bump

Just want to keep this out there...