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Military Court Holds Session so Secret Defendant Cannot Attend

I'm sure the "National Security" threat that would occur if "we the people" knew WTF is going on in our name wouldn't be from some boogieman in a far away land...no, no...the people in power who are committing crimes against humanity and operating in a lawless manner are scared that they might be caught, held accountable, and be executed for treason!

The U.S. military commission trials at Guantánamo recently held a pretrial hearing for the man accused of masterminding the October 12, 2000, bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen. What made this legal event noteworthy was the fact that the defendant wasn’t even allowed to attend because prosecutors insisted the information being revealed was so secret that the hearing had to be completely closed.

After concluding the hearing, the military revealed only one thing to the media: that it lasted 78 minutes.

Army Colonel James Pohl, the presiding judge, agreed to close the session because Pentagon prosecutors demonstrated a “compelling governmental interest that public disclosure could result in grave damage to national security,” and that disclosure of material at the hearing “could reasonably be expected to damage national security, including intelligence sources and methods,” according to the Miami Herald.


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Extra! Extra! Hearing so secret, you can't hear it! ... Extra!

Extra! Extra! Shush all about it!!! Extra!

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