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Happy Face!

I wonder if I’ve become a pessimist?
I wonder all the time and my wonderment is noticeably affecting my ability and willingness to put on the happy face any longer.

All day, every day it’s the same old BS…are you a fan of this team, did you see the game last night, who are you rooting for in the game tonight, have a nice day, have a nice weekend, happy 4th of July, it sure is hot outside today, it’s raining again…AHHHH!

I am officially sick and tired of small, meaningless talk. I’ve noticed I really don’t have many around me I would call “good friends”, rather those I wish to spend any considerable time around and I’ve noticed the world around me seems to be functioning as if nothing of substance is happening around it.

More than not I am angry that those around me are not angry; angry that we are being sold out, undermined, used, defrauded and deceived.

I’ve decided I am not going to indulge in the plethora of unoriginal and unthinking conversations around me. I will answer the questions put to me, but with little more than, “I don’t follow that team or sport, I don’t go to church, I am not a fan, the weather is how it will be”.

It is hard for me to understand as I’m sure it is for many here how we can be so consumed by the real issues of our time while others are so consumed with trivial, circus issues.

This post is for all of us who struggle each day to bring to light the issues that are bringing this nation to its slobbering sentiment and burned knees. I love that I get each day to kiss my children, kiss my wife and express and share the path I’ve chosen in order to secure the integrity and constitutionality of this nation…God (whoever, whatever it is) knows we are trying! I will never quit!

Peace and Love to you all.

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