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Support Kids w/ Autism

We all hear about the speculation of the various causes of Autism such as vaccines, environmental factors and even links to GMO in our food.

But here's a chance to actually support the kids who have Autism at no cost. You just pledge and money will be donated in your name to a good cause:


A simple & easy way to do your good deed for the day, I did mine :)

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Ninety nutrients proven essential for health.

Two kinds of Autism.

Congenital autism is the result of pre-conception malnutrition. Child is stuck with the defect, but proper nutrition will maximize their human abilities.

Acquired Autism is a malnutrition disease and can be remedied by proper nutrition with 90 essential nutrients in about 90 days. Dose per 100 pound body weight.

Join me, they'll set you up a website and you can order product for 30% off.

Dr. Wallach discuses autism in several shows.

Free includes debt-free!