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Edward Snowden and "Paradigm Shifting Events"

Did you feel that too? Prior to the Snowden revelations, libertarians educated themselves and others on the crimes of the State in the normal humdrum fashion. The surveillance state, the banking system, the immoral wars; all of these assaults on liberty happening all around us. Yawwwwn. Some people would listen, some might even visit Mises.org and read an article or two, but for the most part, libertarians continued to have difficulty waking up the distracted, apathetic public. Despite our jumping up and down and pointing out the gun in the room, the Empire seemed to be marching us merrily down the road to you know what..

Then BOOM! We burst through some kind of propaganda membrane into another dimension of awareness. And this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ Snowden’s initial information dump has confirmed the fears of surveillance state critics and knocked the mainstream media down to the mat. Predictably, the media whores for the consolidated corporate-state power are demonizing Edward Snowden, scrambling to reassure the public that the NSA spying on everyone in the world is for their safety, and bracing for impact, because the 30 year old intelligence analyst isn’t done yet.

What effects have we seen from Snowden’s selfless act of bravery? As Paul Craig Roberts puts it:

The pretense that amerika is a democracy responsible to the people has been exposed. The US is run by and for the NSA. Congress and the White House are NSA puppets.

America’s “sanctimonious mask” has been removed, and nations like China, Russia, and Ecuador aren’t cooperating with the ’hypocrite of the century‘ President Barack Obama.

Has Washington D.C. lost all credibility? Let us hope so. The predictable smear campaign against Snowden, Greenwald, and anyone else who questions this massive invasion of privacy around the world has outed mainstream pundits and “journalists” as boot-licking regime defenders.

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This article is right

I, too have noticed a paradigm shift happening. Some of my neocon friends on Facebook have actually begun to "like" my libertarian and/or Ron Paul posts. Some of these people were previously hostile to these things!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Defenders of the surveillance

Defenders of the surveillance police state are easily identified and labeled enemies of the people.

I agree----but where will he go? I still think that

ICELAND is the best place, UNLESS he has been told that Parliament will not consider his plea for citizenship, regardless. Then, it seems he has only one choice, and it's the Russians, regardless of what the MEDIA says, or the TRAITOR POLITICIANS say...

If the American government were to refuse to treat me fairly, I'd unload everything I know about the deceit & treachery. Then, we'd see who is left holding the bag.

Russia wins. China wins. Edward Snowden wins in the end, albeit he would need to make an adjustment to a new society. It may not be as bad as we think. But, he would have to have protection guaranteed.

And...........TO INSURE MY PROTECTION IN RUSSIA..........I would hold an ACE up my sleeve just so they don't get everything & think there is something left to be had from me.

I am so sorry for Edward S. and our hearts go out to him. We have sent our angels to be with him, and we hope he will be exonerated and helped, in particular, by Iceland.

Won't anybody STAND UP for him? Will they allow this country to BULLY them constantly? IF these countries, west or east, allow America to bully them, don't they know that.......NOTHING.....will stop America in the future. Their lives will become worse & worse & worse. WAIT & SEE. The time is NOW to stand up & represent righteousness & GOD and what we believe in.


The attacks on Glen Greenwald have been particularly telling