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Today's letter to Sen. Rubio.

Many of our Executive Committee members will no longer be supporting your efforts or future campaigns.
As with candidate Romney, you sir leave us wanting. The disssapointment is growing in the party ranks.

As you stated on the House floor, the problem with immigration policy is that the Federal Agencies refuse to follow current law. Your solution is to alter, change or eliminate current law. The real solution is clear. Enforce current immigration policy and law. Our Nations immigration policy worked fine until Washington decided to ignore the laws. When the Constitution and Laws seem too bothersome to enforce, the lazy and weak in the White House, the Senate and the House are the first to want to amend or change those laws so that they won't have to enforce them anymore, and potentially for some type of political gain.

It is no secret to those of us in the Party that the leadership in the RNC wishes to coddle the minority vote. It is obvious that this push for changes is part and parcel of that effort. According to the 2010 census, Blacks and Hispanics totaled 29.9 % of our population. These figures include all ages and those that can not or are otherwise unable to vote; such as children and incarcerated adults. Bases on these figures, Blacks and Hispanics did not elect President Obama; white people did. Even if we assumed the 29.9% to all be of adult age and registered to vote, 29.9% of Americans did not elect President Obama. Admitted or not, coddling minorities is a farce and will not secure what the RNC wishes; and only further aggravates the base.

The border is insecure because there are no repercussions to those that choose to cross illegally. When these individuals suffer the consequences, illegal entry will not be as enticing. There is no need for our Republic to erect another Great Wall or Berlin Wall. Fences do not only keep out; they keep in. Such a fence/wall will have other nations gazing upon us in the same light the we Americans viewed the East Germans, the former USSR and the isolationist PROC. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall? Mr. Rubio, don't build this wall.

All one need do is look at whom you have chosen as cohorts in the Senate to see how you have run afoul from those that supported and elected you and those you claim to represent. Senators McCain, Schumer, and Graham. RINOs and DINOs each and every one. Unlike your cohorts, you have refrained from chastising Sen. Paul; a wise decision however we know where you're allegiances lie.

As a Constituent and as a member of the RPOF Executive Committee I can no longer support nor defend your actions.

With great dismay,
(My Name Here), Committeeman Pct. 64
Republican Party of Florida, Lee County

Liberty, Constitution, Republic.