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Slaves at the Top

While those people at the top work to enslave the people, they also enslave themselves. After paying his "dues," a farmer is able to go about his business. Fishermen fish. Railroaders railroad. Dancers dance. Nurses nurse. However, the rest of their lives can be filled with whatever they wish and can afford. On the other hand, tyrants must practice tyranny at all times. The first person a tyrant makes a slave of is him- or herself.

As humans climb the rungs of a tyrannical power structure, they must further seclude themselves from the rest of the world. They have secrets that must be kept. They are likely so paranoid that even trips to public places must be avoided unless accompanied by an entourage of personal prison guards. After all, they are prisoners. They pretend happiness and proclaim the satisfaction that power brings them, but in their minds they are the most depressed of all humankind. They are not free, and they have themselves to blame.

The slaves at the top despise the "small" man. They try to picture the common people as livestock - as sheep in an elaborate cage. However, they are the ones in cages. In the company that they keep they are not free to speak their minds; every comment is like a well calculated chess move. They know that the apparatuses they use to spy on the people are actually more finely focused on them. Their lives are spent trying to decipher the ulterior motives of everyone that surrounds them. After being so untrustworthy themselves, they find it hard to believe that good can actually exist in any human. They keep their friends close and enemies closer - so much so that the line between the two have been so blurred that the they err on the side of enemy with all contacts. It boils down to the realization that they despise the "small" man, because in the effort to enslave him, they have enslaved themselves.

The most restricted slaves are at the top. Maybe, one day, they will try to break the chains that bind them. Everyone would be better off for it.

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Thought I would cast this on fresh eyes

one more time before I give up on it.