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To The Federal Reserve Bank, Congress and Obama: It is Not Your Money to Steal and Spend.

For the past few years. The Central Bankers are really showing their true colors of who they really are. The Congress has shown its hand proving they work for the bankers and the money junkies and not the American people. Since 1913, the biggest mistake is allowing a central bank to control the issuance of the currency. This is how they control the economies and the politicians in Government.

The mentality is all the money belongs to the bankers, the money junkies, wall street and the government is a narcissistic view. The Robber Barons belief that our take home pay is their. What we keep is by their good graces is a twisted logic the money junkies actually believe.. They call Social Security an entitlement regardless if people and their employers paid into the system all these years. It is obvious local and state elected officers have went to jail for skimming the pension funds of the employees. When the Congress is diverting Social security funds to, to bail out Wall Street, fight illegal wars and foreign aid to dictators. No one goes to jail.

Now the Federal Reserve Bank has ordered the US government to use the pension funds of Federal employees to purchase US Treasury Bonds to purchase toxic assets called derivatives. There are now hearings talking about of the US government of taking the private pension funds. There is even talks about skimming people’s private banks accounts like what happened in Cyprus. The audacity of these Bankers and their willing servants in government to steal the fruits of another person’s labor is still theft no matter how much they try to twist words to justify their actions. Stealing is still stealing All to prop up the US Government Wall Street and the Zombie Bankers.


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