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The Left-Right Paradigm in Poll Breakdowns

Every political poll breakdown be it by Gallup, PPP, etc. all contain this question:
Do you consider yourself
Very liberal
Somewhat liberal
Somewhat conservative
Very conservative

This allows only a one dimensional answer to a three dimensional question (i.e. left-right paradigm). Haveing no "other" option, it leaves no real room for statists, libertarians, constitutionalists, theocratists or whatever a person is if he isn't a traditional progressive, conservative, or neocon/neolib ("centrist"). So my question to you is how do you self describe on the 1D left-right scale. can "centrist" be used if one is extreme on both ends (like a Libertarian) do you squeeze yourself into "liberal," or "extremely conservative," or what? I'm asking mostly because I want to know where the liberty movement fits in poll results.

You can fill out a poll I made on the Liberty Forest here.