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What I AM Doing ...

So many people complain about everything and I guess I got sick and tired of it tonight

I turned my cable off over 5 years ago
I haven't been to a movie theater in 8 years
I now carry a pocket Declaration of Independence with me at all times.
I am relearning the history of our republic
I am teaching my children Liberty in all its forms.
I grow a tiny bit of food for myself ( just getting started )

I have such a unhealthy fear of my government I am going to stop the list right there.

PLEASE ... Stop complaining Start DOING!!!


That is me with my congressman.
I got kicked out after this incident,got so pissed I took a run at office myself and the State GOP came after me. Since I was a newbie I didn't know that if you sign a petition in the primary election you can not sign a petition in the general election so ( LOL ) 85% of the people who signed my general election petition had already signed a primary petition therefor 85% of the names I had didn't count and Boom - out went my petition -

... but I still FIGHT even if it is depriving the cable company of $50 a month

stop complaining - start doing - Long Live The Republic

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I allways thought the revolution would begin in

I always thought the revolution would begin in the Western States. But it is clear to me now that there are a lot of good patriots everywhere.

And the criminals have the largest hold on New England and California. It's obvious that is where the battle lines have been drawn. I'm so thankful to see people standing up there!