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Search Engines - What Is The Best One - Safest Too

I do not like Google at all. I do not trust them. I was once told about Bing, but want to be sure that is the best one.

Which one do you use?

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Thanks a lot.


I don't actually use a search engine. As a matter of fact I don't really exist and therefore was never really here and posted nothing...



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Duckduckgo, and firefox

Duckduckgo, and firefox running in sandboxie for me.

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I personally use DuckDuckgo

I personally use DuckDuckgo along with the Firefox browser. I know that startpage is another popular search engine. Obviously they're not as good as google but they respect your privacy and I can generally find what I'm searching for on them. If not then I turn to google as a secondary option. Also I'm pretty sure Bing is owned by Microsoft. And I don't think Microsoft respects your privacy.

I got fooled with Bing

I was told it was good & conservative but it is not.

I actually prefer Startpage

I actually prefer Startpage to Google, not for its privacy but for its results and layout.

I Concur

StartPage is the best

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