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The Solution To The Gay Marriage Debate

"The entire national discussion about gay marriage, like many issues, has been deliberately cornered between two illogical extremes. One side pays lip service to family values and marriage sanctity, while the other delivers empty rhetoric about civil rights and equality. You're either gay or straight, anti-gay marriage or pro-gay marriage, Democrat or Republican. Isn't the whole point to treat everyone as an individual instead of generalizing them?

The important part is this: both extremes still seek to use government force to impose their views about marriage upon the rest of the country. While preaching about respecting others' beliefs and tolerance for other viewpoints and lifestyles, those in power certainly make sure to keep the debate limited in scope and framed in such a way as to divide the people and promote government as a means to build a social utopia, while ignoring the fact that government involvement is actually the root of the problem."

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