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Steve Pieczenik Talks: Obama And Bush Have Disappeared Into “the Heart Of Darkness”—Africa.

Both POTUS Obama and Bush have disappeared at the American Taxpayer Expense Into “The Heart Of Darkness”—Africa.
Let them remain there for their respective restitution and irrelevancy to their own homeland!

Although both Joseph Conrad and I are of Polish extraction, I have no pretense nor audacity to claim his acute observations as a riverboat pilot of the Congo River, nor his literary talents as one of the English Literature grand masters [although he spoke ‘pidgin english’ according to the American Poet William Carlos Williams].
But I will, through literary courtesy, attribute the atrocities inflicted upon the 10million denizens of the “Heart Of Darkness” by Belgium King Leopold II to Bush Jr’s similar egregious atrocities committed against the citizens of our fair country. I am speaking of the thousands of innocent victims he had slaughtered on behalf of his self-delusional grandiosity called, “The New American Era”.
For those who may doubt my analogy, I offer an open invitation to those to review my medical observations of any VA Hospital such as Walter Reed Medical Center or Bethesda Naval Hospital.
There you will witness the similar atrocities that King Leopold of Belgium II committed against the Congolese—creating humans without legs, hands or any other assortment of minor body parts---like genitals.

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