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Great deal going on at Tenth Amendment Center!

Just got this e-mail. Thought I'd pass it along.

A HUGE "Thank You!"...
(see here)
...goes out to an anonymous individual who decided that this weekend, the weekend before Independence Day, was the time to step up and help out our work here at the Tenth Amendment Center. We've been given a wonderful gift, and here's our opportunity to offer some thanks.

This anonymous supporter in California has offered to BOOST gifts of any new 5 year or lifetime memberships with the TAC through Saturday, July 6, 2013. So, we're able to make these memberships available to you for up to half the normal rate. For example - if you get a 5 year membership right now for only $120 - including a new book, a 1 oz silver medallion, and more - our friend will pledge the other $80. If you get a new lifetime membership for only $500, our friend will pledge the other $500!

***Double your gift to the Tenth Amendment Center and become a member at the same time!***

CLICK HERE - to join us, to help out, and to make a great gift in support of the Constitution - we can't do this without your help! And your help is what we need right now.

******* SUCCESS! *******

As we celebrate our 7 year anniversary this summer, the TAC is making more and more noise, and having a stronger impact too! Here's a few highlights:

-The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists the TAC 21 times in their list of "extremist" Patriot Groups around the country. When you're catching flak, you're over the target!
-Nullification of federal gun control was signed into law in Kansas and Alaska - Missouri could be next.
-Our legislation, the Liberty Preservation Act to nullify NDAA "indefinite detention" was passed last year in Virginia, Alaska this year, and is on the verge of passing in Michigan and California.
-We just scheduled a new event, Nullify Now! North Carolina, which will be happening in October.
-Tenther Radio - our weekly online broadcast - is now reaching 5000-7500 people per month. We just finished episode #105 and are marching on for more!
-Bills to Nullify warrantless drone spying have been signed into law in 5 states - more coming soon.

These are but a few examples of work we're proud of - that we've been able to accomplish through your help - and the help of the many volunteers around the country putting in countless hours to spread the Constitutional message!

Please help us continue on this path? Visit the link below to get a TAC membership at a great discount, but boost your gift up to double at the same time!

******* ASKING *******

I've never been one who likes asking for help. But we need to ask for help. We don't accept any government grants, and we don't even accept a non-profit status because we don't want to partner with the organization we're trying to strictly limit at every turn possible! So rely on your help and your commitment to the Constitution and liberty.

The TAC is strong, and growing. But, we still operate on a shoestring budget that some find hard to believe. You know what? That's not stopping us! In fact, our drive is strong, our passion is tireless - and our cause is just. That cause? Well, it's pretty straightforward - the Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses.

Thank you for reading - and for considering a TAC membership this weekend.

Happy, safe, and healthy Independence week to you...

Concordia res parvae crescunt,
(small things grow great by concord)

Michael Boldin
Founder, Executive Director
Tenth Amendment Center
O: 213.935.0553
W: tenthamendmentcenter.com

P.S. - If a membership is out of your reach this weekend, please consider helping us out with a smaller gift! Every dollar counts - be it 5 bucks or 5 hundred. You can make a gift to the TAC today - at this link.

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If you're not aware of the great work these guys do, check it out. They give you all the tools to nullify at the local and state level. They make activism easy. They also put out a great radio show.


Here's what Tom Woods thinks of their work..


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